5 best places to retire

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places to retireTo retire to a different place means to take vacation for some days or to settle down in some other place so as to get change of lifestyle. You can do something different and unusual which you cannot do at your place. You should also see that the place that you retire to suits your lifestyle and budget. There is should be more options for medical facilities and a life that is active yet peaceful in its own way. There are many communities where you can retire to. Climate is another factor which needs to be taken into account. 5 best places to retire to are as follows:-

1. Panama

There are rare places which offer variety and value both but Panama is the clear winner in this case. Lying in Central America it is hailed as a first world country. It is a convenient place which can be easily reached through. It allures people from North America and hence makes a good choice. As far as the currency is concerned there is not much of a difference as it is dollar. Language barriers also do not exist as English is spoken widely. From brands to local goodies you get all that you want. Enjoyable places like beaches, hiking on the highlands, golfing on the greens are welcoming. Money is not a concern.

2. Ecuador

Perfect getaway as far as climate, scenery and affordability is concerned Ecuador remains a bliss. Amidst the heritage centre of the world you can find a lush apartment. People from Cuenca retire to Ecuador for peace. It has a superb facility of the health care and you can either live as a serene farmer or a sophisticated gentleman- the choice is yours. Being small in size it is also environment friendly. You can see the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin. People are gearing up for a better lifestyle. Ecuador remains a top place in comparison to other places.

3. Costa Rica

As far as any originality is concerned Costa Rica beats all. The legacy of weather is year round remains warm. Safety of the public and stability in politics also remains the same. For those who want to spend time in the sun the transition can be made conveniently. It is become a resident area legally. The health system is extremely fruitful and the costs are much cheap from America. You can save by local shopping. According to the Index of Happiness Costa Rica was ranked top in 2012.

4. Malaysia

It is considered as a haven for Asians. You can live luxuriously in a condo with amazing temperature year round. Good beaches, mountains, hill stations that are cool and hopping islands are the places of retreat. Good infrastructure and better medical health facilities are the biggest draw in the world.

5. Spain

Though considered as the hottest destination in Europe it still charms all. Due to recession the prices have also fallen which is why it is convenient to afford residence in the country. You have shops, cinemas, local scenery and accessibility from all the other countries is quite easy. The price factor attracts all to Spain and of course offers best road trips.

7 Things To Remember When Camping

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Camping tips

Camping is your chance to get away from the humdrum of the city into the quiet woods or a park. This is a great vacation and for enjoying this you just need to ensure the following:

• There are many other people who are going to come to the same place to camp. So never leave the site dirty. Most campgrounders charge you a fine amount if you leave the place dirty. There is always a trash bin nearby, so please do leave all kinds of waste there.

• Remember to put out the camp fire when you leave as a blazing camp fire might put the others who are camping near you to danger. Put the fire out before going to sleep, going out for the whole day or when you leave. Just make sure the coal and ash are cool as that is enough.

• In case you are taking pets to camping, do not leave their stool or urine on the camping site. Also ensure that they do not use the other campers’ bathrooms. Keep your pets on a leash as many camp sites allow pets but prefer them to be on a leash. This is because kids are not very immune to animal allergies and there might be many people who are not comfortable around animals.

• There are always extra spaces that are provided for washing dishes and cups. Please do not use the bathroom to clean dishes as this is very unsanitary. Imagine the amount of disease spreading bacteria there might be from other people’s hands or mouth. Even yours.

• Never ever cut through the campsites that others are using. The people pay to use the area and everyone likes their own privacy and personal space when they stay at the camp. Unless it is a dire emergency, please make sure that you go around other’s camps and not through it.

• Usually the time between 10 am to 6 am is considered to be the quiet hours. There are always children and people in camping who need rest or need to go to bed early. The nights at camping sites are usually still so the voices get carried. Be respectful of the time and the rule.Use flashlights and lowlights in the camping ground when it is night time. If you are arriving in a car, turn off the headlights because the bright light at a dark camping site can be very disturbing to a lot of people. Lanterns, flashlights are the best things to get light from.

• The firewood you receive from the campgrounders is for your use while staying at the campsite. Do not carry them home with you if you have no use of it at your house. Even if you are carrying some yourself, leave the rest back as it might be of help to the fellow campers. Make sure you put everything back in place if you have moved it from its original place. Do not dig anywhere or make holes as these can be dangerous to the people who do not have the knowledge of it being there.

Top 3 Luxury Cruise Travel In The World

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Luxury CruiseFor a very long time vacationing on the cruise was only for the rich and mighty but with the changing times and the changing face of global economy, a lot of people can now afford to be extravagant once in a while and enjoy a cruise travel. Cruising is, definitely, one of the most extravagant ways of traveling and just because you are in the middle of the ocean does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself. In fact, if you toss cost to the wind, you can actually book an ultra luxury cruise line and undoubtedly have one of the best vacations of your life.

If you want to know about the top luxury cruise travels in the world, read on.

Topping the charts will be the Seabourn Cruise Line which is widely regarded as the finest cruise line. Seabourn Cruise consists of several small high end vessels which are just apt for cultured and seasoned travelers. The size of the ships which feature in the Seabourn Cruise vary from 104 to 223 all suit cabins and the travel plan is inclusive of airfare and award winning gourmet meals and drinks. It is also inclusive of the onboard enrichment lectures which offer a wonderful insight to your cruise vacation. Since the sizes of the ships are small, Seabourn Cruise Line usually travels to small yet exotic locales like Argentina, Chile, Mumbai, Thailand and Phuket. The all inclusive trips of Seabourn Cruise Line are also known for brilliant perks like on deck massages, wine tasting sessions, a bevy of water sports and the ‘Caviar on the Beach’ beach party, a party with a difference.

Another extremely luxurious cruise travel is the Silversea Cruise. Silversea Cruise is regarded by many as an ultra sophisticated cruise line. Silversea Cruise is known for offering personalized cruising options wherein the perks included in the package can be personalized and customized according to the need of the travelers. In the customized packages, the guests can include airfare, pre cruise deluxe lodging, transfer and porterage among other things. This cruise also offers concierge and butler services and the guests can participate in a plethora of activities including culinary and dance lessons which fall under the cultural appreciation class related to the port of the ship. The size of the ships of Silversea Cruise is generally small and they can hold only up to a few hundred passengers. The cruise travels to exotic locations like Denmark and South Africa. The perks offered by this cruise line include unique excursions like watching a performance at the Sydney opera house or a riverboat visit to the orangutan sanctuary in Borneo.

The SeaDream Yacht Club is considered one of the most uber-luxe cruise lines in the world and they have 2 mega yachts which can hold 112 people each. There are 95 staff members on board to take care of the needs of the passengers. The cruise travel includes gourmet meals, open bars, ocean view staterooms, tai chi and yoga classes, onboard casino etc.

Top 5 Places To Visit In India

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Visit In IndiaHave you already packed your bags and booked your tickets for a grand trip to India? Well, before you step out you must remember that doing some simple homework about visiting the best hotspots of the country will not only make you trip special but it will also make your every penny worth of it. Unplanned and haphazard ventures in unknown places will only make your money go waste without enjoying the real Indian ecstasies.

Taj Mahal: It needs no introduction, but Taj Mahal, the famous monument made by the Moughal king Shah Jahan in the memory of his loving wife Mumtaz is the most visited and popular spot in India. Not only that Taj is enlisted in the seven wonders of the world, but if you are the worshiper of aesthetic side of any great architectural site or lover of history, then visiting Taj should be your must do after landing in India.

Jodhpur Palace: Here comes the essence of royal tourism in India. If you want to spend a couple of days of stay in India, then visiting Jodhpur Palace in Rajasthan could be a great option. King style living with beautiful surroundings consisting greenery, fountains, gorgeous palatial suite- all will welcome you at the palace. In the heart of Rajasthan, you can visit the famous Indian desert Thar or take trip of the city riding on a camel’s back. For wedding, family union, Jodhpur Palace is famous especially among the westerners.

Goa: Fun, food and festivities, if Goa is asked to be described in three or four words, these should be the introduction. Clean beaches with white sand, fresh air, series of coconut trees and exotic sea food are what your weaknesses are, then don’t wait any longer, go Goa, once you land in India.

Kashmir: If you want to view the picturesque beauty of the country, then visiting Kashmir should be your ideal choice. Spending lazy hours in boathouses that pass through the snow White Mountains surrounding the Dal Lake or collecting redwood furniture or statues are another choices that foreign tourists often fulfill after coming to India.

Bengal: Last but not the least, if you want to enjoy the lively spirit of the country, the visiting Bengal should be your goal. Right from visiting the Sunderbans and having a tete-a-tete with the Royal Bengal Tiger and crocodile, or visiting the green mountains of Kanchenjanga in Darjeeling, Bengal has it all to fulfill all your desires.

So, don’t wait anymore and head for the most memorable trip of your life. With lots colors, vibes and warmth, the people of India are ready to be your perfect host during your entire trip.

Top 5 Ski Holiday Destinations

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Ski Holiday DestinationsThe best time of the year to enjoy skiing is winter. In this season most of the ski-lovers decide to visit various places where skiing is very famous. Every year the skiing sport is rising in terms of status. For most of the people it is a time privileged ritual that has extended all over the globe. A single tourist or the entire family can spend their winter vacation by competing each other down the slopes in different countries which they had never imagined. Some of the top countries where skiing is quite famous are as follows:-

• Switzerland- Twisting up in front of the humid fire among many cozy ski lodges is a receiving pleasure after a lengthy day of skiing down the glorious Alps. Switzerland is one of the most admired countries for most of the tourists around the world. Your ski trip is likely to be incomplete without a marvelous cup of this country’s popular hot chocolate.

• Japan- Japan is turning out to be the world’s most loved country for spending ski vacations. Though Swiss Alps is very famous for skiing, Japan slopes are also admired by people. If you are deciding to spend your ski vacations then Japan is the best place to visit. Spend your time on slopes of semi private resorts and during evening rest in personal residence with the aroma of clean snow.

• Colorado- It offers lot of breathtaking ski resorts which is placed in the grand Rocky Mountains. Colorado has more to provide. Colorado in United States is one of the most famous places for ski holiday. It offers everlasting motivation for both experts and beginners skiers active. There is a fresh powder of snow to enjoy everyday.

• Austria - Austria presents some experienced snowboarders and skiers. The famous après ski in Austria is liked by the tourists for skiing. St.Anton and Kitzbuhel are some famous ski destination in the quarter. There are about 176 ski schools accessible in the local. Tirol provides the best chance to build up developing skills for less qualified skiers.

• France- The most attractive thing about ski holidays in France is that there are home rentals accessible that suits your budget. It is likely to have an inexpensive skiing weekend rest by residing at a little apartment house or can enjoy your luxurious ski vacations in Chamonix.

If you want to spend your ski vacations then these are the best places to visit. Skiing offers something to everyone.

10 Places To Visit In Thailand

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Visit In ThailandThailand is one of the most hit tourist destinations across South East Asia, loved by all- starting from buddy groups to honeymooners to single travelers. Are you too planning a Thai trip soon? Ensure these ten places in your Thailand itinerary.

1. Pattaya- It’s the most frequented destinations in Thailand. Pattaya is famous for its amazing shopping malls and great entertainment shows.

2. Phuket- Phuket is much appreciated for its beautiful stretch of pristine beaches and a very vibrant beach culture. You will love the Thai delicacies here.

3. Ko Chang- It’s the 2nd biggest Thai island which assures a stunning sight with long white beaches, lush rainforests, beautiful coral reefs and several waterfalls. It also houses a versatile wildlife with deer, snakes, birds and elephants.

4. Ko Tarutao- People throng to the beautiful Tarutao especially for its diverse fauna life. The most significant species here are monitor lizards, whales, sea turtles, mouse deer, crab eater macaques. Besides, you would the spectacular visual trait laid before you thanks to the magnificent and unspoilt beaches.

5. Koh Samui- Koh Samui is good especially for family vacations. You will love to stroll over the white sandy beaches here and the place offers good budgeted lodging.

6. Grand Palace- No Thai tour can be complete without your homage to the Grand Palace adorning the capital city of Bangkok. The imperial palace was the residence of Thai royalty till 1946 and hosts a wonderful exhibition of varied architectural styles.

7. Similan Islands- The Similan Islands are best for the diving enthusiasts.

8. Chiang Mai- The night bazaar of Chiang Mai is a must visit for shopaholics. It’s famous for its versatile imported products offered at dirt cheap rates.

9. Railay beach- Do not miss out on railay beach if you love rock climbing.

10. Krabi- Krabi beaches are truly picturesque with its blue ocean bordered by palm & coconut trees.

Memorable Trip to Argentina

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Memorable Trip to ArgentinaBeing the eight largest countries in the world Argentina is truly one of its kinds. Its 23 provinces have such scenic beauty and the rich urban life too is amazing that it seems like an interwoven tapestry of culture, heritage, beauty and languages. As far as tourism is concerned this is one place you would not want to miss for anything. It is will one of your most memorable and delightful vacations ever. Spanish is the local language here and is spoken by a lot everyone who dwells in this place. The main attractions of this place would be many. Of them some are:

Buenos Aries being the capital city of Argentina and holding a population of 3 million people is a major attraction. It is a blend of the old heritage and the young architecture so perfectly that people come from very far just to relish the beauty. One thing which you must do when here is taste the local cuisine of this place. It is yummy and not worth missing.

The pampas is an area with not that much human habitat. Its salt water lakes are home to many flamingo birds which are rare and beautiful to look at. There are cowboys who actually practice the authentic old cowboy things and are a treat to the eyes.

An amazing skiing location and a treat for wine lovers would be the stretches of the vineyards spread across the city of Mendoza. After spending the day outdoors which is hectic yet fun with all that skiing and other things you could sit in the balcony sipping fresh wine from the vineyards.

However the most scenic locations would be that of Igazu national park and Igazu waterfalls. Also to the city of Tierra del Fuego where activities like fishing and kayaking are given as an option to tourists who love doing this.

Trip to Kerala backwaters

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Trip to Kerala backwatersKerala, the mesmerizing tourist destination in South India will give you exciting opportunities to experience the rustic beauty of the state, moving on the ethnic houseboats which are called Kettuvalam. The backwaters of Kerala have plenty of natural beauty consisting of marshy estuaries, pristine lakes and exotic waterways that form an interconnected network along the Kerala coast.

Nature has been extremely kind on Kerala and has made it one of the most beautiful locations in India. The scintillating backwaters sparkle like gold on the face of the state. These backwaters have played a major role in boosting the tourism of Kerala and hence helping the national income of India. Kerala backwaters are the greatest tourist attractions in the state because of their incredible beauty and tranquillity.

Below are few of the famous backwater destinations in the beautiful state of Kerala.

Kumarakom: The Kumarakom backwater tour will take you to the agricultural sites and paddy fields full of coconut trees and fishing villages. This tour will also take you to the Kumarakom bird sanctuary famous for its diverse wildlife.
Alleppey: Backwater tour of Kerala will take you to Alleppey, well known for its coir products, fish, lakes, and boat races. Its look is enhanced by the canals and beautiful waterways. It is called the ‘Venice of the East’.
Mararikulam: Backwater trips in a traditional boat along Mararikulum make you witness the ancient villages which enjoy the gorgeous sea side location with never ending rows of coconut trees.
Kozhikode: Kozhikode backwaters will take you through waterways that are not often explored by the tourists. You will sail through the immaculate Canoli and Kallai river, which is sure to make your trip memorable.
Cochin: Cochin is called ‘The queen of backwaters’ and is the most preferred out of all the backwater destinations. You will sail through the Vyppin, Gundu, Bolgatty, and Vallarpadam island and will also witness the Chinese fishing nets, originated from the traders who used to settle there.

Barcelona, the lively city

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trip to BarcelonaBarcelona, being the capital city of Spain in Europe is no doubt on the liveliest cities to be. It has gained fame after hosting the Olympics in 1992 and is still known for hosting many world class conferences. It lies on the Mediterranean cost between two rivers making it a treat for the eyes as far as natural beauty is concerned. Here is some more about the cheer and life in Barcelona.
Guell park and LaSagrada are the works of Barcelona’s signature artist Antonio Gaudi; Barcelona is known for its architecture and is declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Picasso museum too houses the works of this artist and is another must see place in Barcelona.

Another unique thing is that you can ski and sunbathe in the perimeter of this same city. There are vineyards too where the best wine from around the globe can be sampled before flying off to the hills for the ski-time experience. Spending a relaxed day at the Monjui is also a very good option. There are the Joan Miro Museum and National Art Museum of Catalonia at Monjuic apart from the artistic painting like views of the fountains and parks. You can reach Monjuic easily by taking the harbour cable car.

World famous beaches like Barceloneta, Sant Sebastica and Sant Miquel are found here which are a major tourist attraction and adds more life, colour and vigour to this city. The beautiful ocean beach and sandy shores are something which you should miss for nothing. Barcelona is known to be the cruise capital. There are innumerable cruise ships waiting for you and if this is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

The Carrer Petrixol is something which you must visit. It’s famous for its chocolate shops which you can take for loved ones back home.

Visit to Turkey

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Visit to TurkeyTurkey is one of the most excellent tourist spot in the world. It is the only country in the world that presents the exoticism of Asia and recent culture of Europe. Some of the must see places to roam around in turkey are given below:-

Turkish operas and concerts- Turkish operas and concerts will give you a taste of Turkish culture. They offer a stunning mixture of music and dance that will amuse your mind and detain your soul.

Turkish films- Turkey have attracted the whole market by its soft media exports, such as films and TV serials. Turkish films have won numerous of awards from all over the globe for their path breaking cinema.

Turkey museums
- You must travel around the museums while touring turkey. The country has some best museums which exhibit the relics the Greek- roman period. Some famous museums name is ethnographic and Anatolian civilization museum.

Cave house- You can make a trip to the famous cave called Goreme area of turkey. These cave dwellings was shaped by some Christian monks several centuries ago and are tough and livable even today.

Mosques- Islam is the authorized religion in turkey. The country has some of the most gorgeous and striking mosque to visit.

Nature trips- If you want to see the nature and its beautiful landscape you can travel various regions of the country like Lake Van and Mount Ararat.

Shopping- The grand bazaar in Istanbul has nearly about 5000 shops where you can buy various items such as food items, jewelery, books, spices and carpets etc.

Sports- Turkey has gigantic seashore where you can enjoy various water based activities like swimming water rafting, boating, and underwater diving. You can also go for biking and climbing trails. Turkey also offers golfing areas at several points. Apart from water based activities you can also go for hot air ballooning.