Affordable yet breathtaking honeymoon destinations

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Often people tend to have a costly wedding and then left with little cash to have a gala honeymoon. Have you or any of your friends come across such a situation? What people don’t realize is – one doesn’t need to go to a place, which is expensive in every manner to enjoy. A rather serene venue offering a lovely scenic beauty can be hundred times better. It gives you the edge to go wild and at the same time make your love feel beautiful within.

There is nothing like islands when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Experiencing the serenity of Bali, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Mauritius can be divine. There are beautiful resorts and hotels plus the advantage of lazing around on the beach having a sensual massage can be exotic.

The food and conveyance is easy and inexpensive in these locations adding to the fun. You don’t really feel the heat while spending money on bargains and deals.

An Overview of Mediterranean Travel Destinations

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If it came down to a competition between the most beautiful and exotic travel destinations from around the world, the winner in all probability would perhaps be the Mediterranean and rightfully so. The Mediterranean offers the best romantic, sensual, family or adventurous getaways, and a vacation seriously doesn’t get any better than the warm, golden sun and the tranquil azure water.

Some of the most sought after Mediterranean destinations are:

  • Cyprus: Boasting the best of Greek, European, Turkish and Middle Eastern flavors, Cyprus is sure to take your breath away. Aphrodite’s island, Cyprus offers you beaches, food and wine like no other.
  • Majorca the Balearic Islands, Spain: The magnificence of the beaches, mountains and picturesque villages will transport you into a Spanish magical paradise.
  • Malta: Official the best kept secret of the Mediterranean treasures. With over seven thousand years or history, artistic masterpieces and culture all in the little 316 sq km, every inch of island will leave you wanting for more.

5 must do things when in New Zealand

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Located next to Australia, New Zealand has quite a reputation of housing some of the best natural beauties in the world. Considering the number of sites that are there to be visited in New Zealand, it becomes very difficult to pick out and decide as to which places to visit and which places to miss out. Let us glance through some of the places here in New Zealand that absolutely cannot be missed out.

The water is at its best here in New Zealand, be it in the form of the ocean, lake or glacier. While you’re here you just cannot afford to miss out on the Fox Glacier. Lying on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, this place is absolutely breathtaking. You can get involved in all kinds of ice activities like skiing and the like. Lying very close to this glacier is an absolutely beautiful lake the Lake Matheson. The way the lake reflects the peaks of New Zealand is absolutely awesome. Rotarua is another site that provides quite a treat to the eye and a number of hot springs and geysers. You must visit the health spa here. While you are here you should visit the Waitomo Caves. You should not miss the Lord of the Ring Tour while you are here in New Zealand.   

4 best paragliding destinations in India

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Exhausted of your monotonous routine lifestyle? Are you thinking of going on an adventurous getaway which will freshen you up? If so, India, with its fantastic and breathtaking paragliding destination is just what you need. An experience in itself paragliding offers you the adrenaline rush and the opportunity to fly without wings. So go ahead and experience the wind in your face and the view you’ll never forget in India.

Billing is the first name that should come to your mind if you are looking forward to an amazing paragliding adventure in India. This small town in Himachal Pradesh with its breathtaking spots is just perfect for this adventure sport. The next destination which aces in providing paragliding pleasures is Manali. The Kullu Valley situated in Manali provides the perfect landscape and view for a memorable paragliding getaway.

The Nandi Hills situated in the Kolar District near Bangalore is the third destination which is the centre of quite a few aero sports in India. Bedni Bugyal in the regions of Kumaon is quite perfect to fly the skies and feel the rush while you enjoy the awe-inspiring visual appeal.

Best trekking destinations in the world

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Trekking is a hobby to many people and they try to venture a new destination every time. If you are looking ahead to make a trip this winter to some unknown trekking destination, here are a few suggestions, which you can try out. The Andes in Columbia is quite popular due to the uneven nature and tough climate condition. It can be quite challenging to many people who are amateurs.

The Pamir in Tajikistan is another spot to look out for an entirely enriching experience. Considered as the roof of the world, The Pamir is quite high and can be exhausting. If you don’t want to move out of the US, then you can also consider the Alabama Hills. Along with the trekking, you can also experience an amazing scenic beauty.

Iceland, with its amazing landscape can be another cold destination for trekking. One has to be equipped well to counter the tough cold condition there.

Top 5 Adventure Destinations in Russia

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Russia for its entire enormity is equally diverse and adventurous. The unexplored purity and ruggedness of Russia is a welcome change to your mundane life. Here are the top 5 adventure destinations in Russia that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

#1.                Lake Baikal: This just has to be on top of the list! Correctly called the Pearl of Siberia. The oldest and deepest lake of the world offers you all that you could ask for from rafting to hot springs to heli-skiing and more!

#2.               Kamchatka: One of the only two geyser valleys in Eurasia, this place undiscovered by most is a stunner with bears actually walking the roads of Russia!

#3.               Caucasus: The pristine mountains will take away your breath with their sheer magnificence.

#4.               Karelia: The land of white nights and midnight sun, offers you a plethora of activities, hunting, safari and fishing to name a few.

#5.               Sayany: If you fancy living the life of a Russian nomad for a few days, the mountainous sayany will let you do so, living in a real Tuvan yurt.