Top 3 places to visit to enjoy trekking

March 28, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Travel Tips

The northeast region of India is very famous for a lot of adventurous activities like mountaineering and trekking too. Therefore you get the advantage of having a wonderful time with a beautiful scenery location also.

So if you start from the north eastern India, you can start with Arunachal Pradesh where you will get a huge variety of flora and fauna. And as you move forward you get Meghalaya which will provide you with options like Pynrusla, Weiloi, Smit and Mawlyngot. Mizoram is another place where you will get a lot of flora and fauna variety, some sorts which you never had seen before.

Along with that you can even enjoy the rich cultures and traditions of these places that include the tribal dance and various other things. So all in all, the hilly regions of India assure you a lot more than just great trekking. Therefore now you know where you need to go for that perfect trekking vacation.