How to travel to Australia on a budget

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The first option that you have in order to travel to Australia, on a budget, is to consult the various travel agencies near you. You’ll definitely come across someone whose conditions and package will suffice all your requisites. Usually, the packages provided by them encompass all the natural and artificial attractions as well as staying in resorts that will seem to be better than you expected.

But if you are not thinking of consulting any, then you can always use the internet to get all the details about the hotels and attractions in Australia and the respective prices. Now, if you are thinking of an independent way, then the first thing you need to consider is the flight. JetStar is an international airplane that will get you to places like Cambodia, Singapore and Australia within a fair price. Virgin Blue is another international airline that is developed in 2000, and provides cool offers to the tourists travelling to Australia.

All about traveling to Europe by air

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Do you want to explore the beauties of amazing continent Europe? And are you confused what means of transportation would be suitable for you to travel to Europe? Then, the cheapest and fastest means of transportation would be by air. You can easily book your tickets in advance and make your journey unforgettable. Now, almost every European country gives the facility of budget airlines.

When you want to travel by air, you just have to contact some of the airlines and then compare the prices of the fare. The airlines offering the least price and good service should be preferred. Ryan Air as well as Easy Jet is very popular and cheap airlines through which you can travel to Europe.

These budget airlines do not allow more than 15 to 20 kg of baggage. If you are traveling to Europe continuously from the same flight, then you can also get some discount offers.

Witness beauty at its very best in Paris by the night

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It is not without reason that Paris is known as ‘The City of Lights’. All the monuments in the city are lit up at night and you get a unique visual experience. Many night time tours are there for tourists. You see the illuminated city with the majestic Eiffel Tower.

You can choose a bike tour and cruise around the city. Visit the Notre Dame and the Louvre Museum all of which are illuminated at night. Do not forget to visit the Champs- Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe. You can also cruise through Pigalle and Blanches squares.

The performances at the Opera National de Paris are famous. Do not miss a show at the Moulin Rouge. The view of Paris at night is as breath taking as in the day time. It is a different experience altogether. You understand the beauty of the city and also the rich culture of the city. There are many Night Illumination Tours that you can choose to get full advantage of the night in Paris.

Attractions London has to offer

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London is one of the most coveted tourist spots of Europe with its cosmopolitan culture and a great number of tourist attractions which has something for every visitor to the place.

Firstly, you have the famous London Eye, the biggest Ferris wheel of the world that promises of a breathtaking view irrespective of the time or weather. It gives you the full view of entire London city, especially the Thames River. Then there is National Gallery, packed with some of the finest European art pieces.

Another famous attraction here is surely the Parliament Houses where the esteemed British politicians have passed the legendary laws since centuries. No trip to this English city is complete without a visit the world famous wax museum of Madame Tussauds, which holds some of the most precious waxworks on celebrities all across the world. Besides, you have the Westminster Abbey, the venue famous for any burial or coronation from the British royal family.

Best and worst time to travel to Europe

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Are you planning to visit Europe on your next vacation? Well, then here is information regarding the best and worst times to visit this amazing continent!

The month of April to June is the most appropriate time to enjoy the beauty of Europe. September and October is also a great time to visit because the weather remains very cozy and pleasant. The hotels, resorts and transport are reasonably charged then. The holiday crowd and hustle bustle will not be there and you can have a lot of fun.

The worst time to visit is during July and August. It is the time when the Americans as well as the Europeans are on vacation. The cities get overcrowded and accommodation or air tickets are priced sky high. You will not even get a place to step inside the public transports. The Europeans will be travelling from one county to another. So, many cities will remain abandoned and tourist sites will be closed. So, choose the right time and have fun.

Things not to miss when in North India

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India is undoubtedly a suitable place to spend your vacation. You will find huge climatic variation in this country. While north India is always covered with ice, the southern part of India make tourists feel overwhelmed with their beautiful backwaters. If you are eager to make a trip to the northern part of India, then there are certain places that you must visit.

• Being the capital of India, New Delhi is the perfect combination of modernity and tradition. With the lotus temple, red fort, national museum, akshardham temple, humayun tomb, qutub minar, raj ghat and a dozen other places New Delhi is one of the must see places in India.
• Apart from this, Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Shimla, Varanasi, Manali, Kashmir, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Ranikhet and the Jim Corbett National Park are famous tourist spots.
• In Agra, you should not miss the Taj Mahal, it will surely transport you back to the Mughal period.
And the most interesting thing is that India is not an expensive vocational spot. You can explore the whole India within your budget.

Top 5 skiing destinations in South Africa

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When you are going to South Africa, a lot of people will tell you of thousands of things about what you should do. However, not many will tell you that enjoying skiing in South Africa is a must. The best place to ski in South Africa is definitely Tiffendell located in the breathtaking Drakensburg Mountain. Similar to European ski resorts Tiffendell is cozy and gets snow on at least 100 days of the year. Tiffendell is situated 2720 meters above the sea level.

Another amazing skiing destination in South Africa is the Afri Ski, Lesotho. Lesotho is a tiny country within the borders of South Africa and Afri Ski is an extremely charming ski resort. It is situated 3000 meters above the sea level and the slopes give you the opportunity to view the amazing landscape of South Africa from the top. Other top skiing destinations in South Africa include Sani Pass, Oxbow and Worcester.

Cape Winelands, a perfect destination for wine lovers

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South African wine is famous all over the globe. Cape Town is known for its winelands where some of the best wines are produced. Places like Overberg, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch are some of the best places to visit in the winelands of Cape Town. These are some of the oldest and the most famous regions near Cape Town. You will not only enjoy the different wines you get to taste but also the scenic beauty of these places.

Wine lovers from across countries visit Cape Town to cherish the wines it produces. The variety of wine that can be consumed in the Cape winelands is the thing which pulls the wine lovers. For some it is like a dream come true if they get the opportunity to visit these winelands. South Africa’s economy and tourism sector has seen tremendous growth over years just because of these winelands of Cape Town.

Witness nature at its best at the Amazons

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Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. It is the center of ecological heaven. Amazon is famous for its flora and fauna, sandy beaches, dense rainforest and landscapes and much more. Amazon is scattered over many nations like Brazil, Guyana, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and many more.

The best time to visit Amazon is between March and June. The Amazon River provides you the experience of alligator spotting and fishing. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the Amazonian landscape. You can spend time by watching birds, enjoying night shows and sport fishing.

There are many ways by which you can explore Amazon. You may prefer to hire a lodge and then spend the time. There is another very interesting way to explore is through riverboats. These boats are highly luxurious and they will take you to the various locations. So, if you want to have an adventurous journey, then you can go for Amazon.

All about the islands of Africa

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Do you wish to have a serene vacation with your loved one in paradise? If so, the African Islands are absolutely what you are looking for. Perfect for witnessing Mother Nature at her magnificent best, these tropical islands offer just the right mix of adventure, serenity and romance. The crystal clear blue water, the virgin islands, the rugged terrain, the greenest of green forest are some of attractions which pull nature lovers from all over the globe.

Few of the most stunning islands Africa offers are Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius and Seychelles. Hence, if you are planning an African getaway, your options are huge. These islands have something for everyone. Whether it is soaking in the sun at many of the virgin beaches or going out on a thrilling wildlife safari, relaxing in its cool crystal blue water or just binging on the local delicacies, when in Africa, you can have the cake and eat it too!