The Grisedale Valley, possibly the best place for a romantic walk

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Grisedale Valley, travel to Grisedale ValleyDo you want to go for a long relaxing walk with your lover in the most spectacular sites in earth? Well then visiting Grisedale would be your ideal choice. The forever romantic poet William Wordsworth fell in love with the pristine and uncorrupted natural beauty of this quiet valley and he ended up creating the best of his creations over here.

The Lake cottages of this valley are always ready to welcome you warmly so that you can engage in the ethereal beauty of nature. In the Fairfield area a number of restaurants are located where you can savor the best tasted cheese and wine. This place is popular for its extraordinary locations for photo shoot, so you can easily capture the beauty of nature through the lenses. For those who want to spend a few precious days of their lives with their special ones in serenity Grisedale is the destination for them.

Three reason to pack your bags to Sydney

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Sydney travelSydney is a very beautiful and exciting place to be. The place is filled with great sites and activities. You should not miss Sydney’s Manly Ferry. Book your ferry from the Circular Quay so that you can have a good view of Sydney’s Opera House and also the Harbor Bridge of Sidney. You can also take a walk in the ‘Corso’ and reach the Shelly Beach. Apart from the great beaches of Sydney, there is great nightlife in the city with stylish pubs and bars that will make sure you have a good.

The wildlife of this place is phenomenal. You will be amazed to see the range of animals that the zoos and sanctuaries of Sydney can offer. The city life is amazing in this capital city. The shopping destinations will surely hook you if you are a shopaholic. There are a number of good restaurants in the city and the beaches would offer some of the best sea foods in the world.

Argentinean travel guide for you

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Argentinean travel guide, travel to ArgentinaArgentina is a South American country stepped in a deep rooted natural history, which includes the ruins of the Inca Empire to the bustling modern metropolis of Buenos Aires. Argentina offers a perfect mix of culture, food, and nightlife to fulfil every traveller’s vacation dreams.

Beef forms the base of every delicacy in Argentina, The close geographical location of Buenos Aires to the sea allows for excellent seafood. Now comes the turn of the adventure loving travellers, Valdez peninsula is a perfect place for them. The place provides an excellent opportunity to the travellers to watch whales, interact with the native penguins, elephant, seals, and a variety of bird species. Whale watching trips feature close up encounters with the world’s largest mammals in their natural habitat. Another amazing tour would be to EL CALAFATE and THE PERITO Merino glacier. Hiking tours are the best ways to observe and become a part of the massive moving ice flows. You can feel the creaking and cracking of the ice, as the ice never stops reminding the visitors that it is in a sense “alive”.

If you are seafood lover, Philippines is the place to be

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trip to PhilippinesThe culture of Philippines is a fine blend of the west and the east that reflects on the cuisines of this part of the world. This place is known as Asia’s melting pot. The Chinese, the Spanish and the Malay have influenced the cuisines of Philippines over as long as 400 years. These influences have been combined with the ingenuity of Filipino that went to create the cuisines that will keep you wanting for more.

One of the famous items of this place is known as the Bicol Express, which is a dish of pork. Another famous dish is called the Sninigang. This is a sour soup, which is served with patis, which is a fish sauce and tamarind. This can be had as a meat, a vegetable or even as seafood. The national fish of Philippines is called the Bangus. This fish is boneless in most cases and is served grilled.


Topmost scariest destinations in the world

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scariest destinationsWhether you believe in ghosts or not, there are some places in the world that will definitely throw a chill down your spine.

  • London, England: Though colorful and vibrant during day, if you take a tour of Jack the Ripper near White chapel, murder scenes relay on to your mind. The Tower of London and The Royal Theatre are rumored to be filled with spirits.
  • Paris, France: the city of fashion and romance is undoubtedly one of the scariest destinations in the world. The catacomb is the most famous underground burial chamber running right under the busy streets of Paris.
  • Transylvania: Famous for the legendary Dracula. It is creepy for sure!
  • Savannah, Georgia: Place of death of civil war soldiers, plague and yellow fever epidemic is the most haunted city of US.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland: City of haunted castles where people are believed to be disappeared in tunnels and a little girl locked up forever. Glamis castle is also known for weird apparitions and occurrences.

5 must go to places if you are an art lover

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Adventure Holidays,destinationsIf you are an art lover and love art in every form and color then it’s advisable to sit and carefully plan out a trip which will take you to the best places in the world, meant only for lovers of art and beauty in every form.

If you are an art lover and want to know about the top five places that you can visit then here is a short list:

  • Rome: the place they say smells of arts and artists. Rome is full of breathtaking architecture and art. Not only do these beautiful forms of art have a history that dates back to hundreds of years but every art piece has an interesting story to tell.
  • Paris: One of the best art destinations of the world, Paris offers different forms of art and glamour that is sure to suit everyone’s style.
  • New York: unlimited number of art galleries, a wonderland for any art lover.
  • London: Known to be the place for classy and talented people, London is a huge favorite of art lovers.
  • Barcelona: A favorite haunt of art lovers, especially due to the Picasso Museum.


Bala, Southern Snowdonia: perfect for history buffs

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Southern Snowdonia, Travel BalaSouthern Snowdonia is a place where anybody would find it pleasing to spend his time as the place has different aspects to it that would attract people of different interest and at the same time, the natural beauty of the area is quite remarkable. Apart from vast attractions in terms of wildlife and for family and friends, Bala, Southern Snowdonia is a place of great historical significance. This area has a witness to a number of important events of world history.

In the year of 1404, the parliament of Owain Glyndwr was held in Machynlleth and during the 17th century, the Quakers took the message from Dolgellau to America. During the 19th century there was held a discussion for a Welsh colony in the area of Patagonia in Bala. The end of the Civil War was marked when Harlech Castle surrendered to the forces of the parliament in the year of 1647. Therefore, Bala, Southern Snowdonia is the right place for those who have a liking for history.