Paihia, New Zealand: Go swimming with the Dolphins

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Travel New Zealand, New ZealandNew Zealand is a beautiful island country and Paihia is one of the most popular tourist town situated in the Bay of Islands. Located in close proximity with the historic towns of Rusell and Kerikeri, paihia has ancient Maori culture spread in its culture and practices. In Maori vocabulary ‘pai’ means ‘good’ and Reverend Henry Williams is known to have called the place good on landing there for the first time. Paihia has serene secluded beaches wherefrom the Bay of islands can be explored best. Go swimming with the dolphins and relax yourself out of the hectic and busy schedule.

Kayaking, fishing and a visit to the nearby Haruru falls are things to do when in Paihia. The Bay of Islands holds reputation for visiting dolphins that soothe your eyes with their beauty and cute chipping noise. Paihia offers good food and an active culture for entertaining the tourists.

Activities to do in Switzerland

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Travel Switzerland, SwitzerlandWith the snow capped mountains, lush green valleys and sky as blue as blue, Switzerland is the literal heaven on earth. If you are planning to take a trip to Switzerland then there are a few activities that you must do. If you are planning to make a visit in the end of February or early March then you should ensure to attend the carnival. The motorized and the horse drawn parades, the amazing music from trumpets, drums, and trombones is quite an entertaining experience.

A trip to Switzerland cannot be called complete without hiking. The best time for this is autumn. This country offers beautiful cathedrals and castles which have both religious and historic significance. If you are in Switzerland which is a country blessed with mesmerizing lakes you must explore these lakes of this landlocked country on the William Tell Express, this shall become one of your most treasured memories.

Apo Islands, Philippines: Go Scuba Diving

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Travel Philippines, adventure travelPhilippines has a popularity in the industry of tourism not just because of it’s endowed with geography image but also for its demographical traits. The culture of this country is unique and liberal. Therefore, their culture reflects on their tourism’s charm. While talking of the charms of the tourism of this area, scuba diving is like huge in Apo Islands, Philippines. The people who are into the stuff make their living out of it so they know what they are doing.

There are different programs that you can choose from. By that, is understood, you can private ones as well. On the other hand, you may also like to try the seals of the steam or the funny bubble makers that children like. If you do not feel comfortable while diving for the first time you can opt for the orientation dive programs as well and good. When it comes to proper scuba diving, there are different levels or specialties of the courses.

When Is The Right Time To Plan A Trip To Maui, Hawaii

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Travel Maui, HawaiiIf you wish to plan a trip to Maui, Hawaii and are wondering what exactly is the best time to be there. It must have crossed your mind what is the weather like in Maui. It is a personal advice that before visiting you must check the Hawaii calendar to know what is happening on the island.

Spring is the most appropriate time to visit Maui. This is referred to as the dry season because there are less rainfall as the trade winds come down to their summer levels. The weather is pretty perfect most of the times but this an appropriate time to get good travel bargains. The best part of Hawaii during spring is that it is blooming in fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables can be consumed and seen all around the islands. During this time the Merrie Monarch festival starts. Maui is the ideal place if you really want to make the best of the tropical atmosphere.

Three of the most dazzling beaches in Thailand

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Beaches in Thailand, ThilandThailand is an Asian nation where you can find the various beauties of nature. You can go there for your honeymoon and also for family vacation. Thailand has some marvelous beaches where you will just love to go. Patong beach in Phuket, Kata beach in Phuket and Railey beach in Krabi are some of the most dazzling and attractive beaches of Thailand. People from all around the world come here to enjoy all sorts of vacation.

Patong beach in Phuket is a very quiet and serene beach where you can go and enjoy the serenity of nature. You can move away from the din and bustle of city life and enjoy and relax in Thailand. Railey beach in Krabi is another very beautiful beach in Thailand. The white sands of the beaches and the blue clear sea water are one of the major attractions of Thailand. There are ample hotels and restaurants in Thailand and beach side resorts are also available. The accommodation facilities are reasonable and cost effective.

Bahamas: At Its Wildest Best Under The Moon

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Travel Bahamas, BahamasThe Bahamas are very beautiful a place. If you look at the islands from a God’s eye point of view, you will be able to see the chain of the islands and imagine them as a garland. The atmosphere of the Bahamas is very welcoming and garlands are also a very integral part of their culture that signifies hospitality. The beautiful people of these islands are actually made beautiful by the beauty of the nature in the area.

There are hundreds of big and small islands in the Bahamas and each one of them are unique in their own way. While it absolutely fantastic a feel to spend a day on the sunny beaches of the Bahamas, you will be thrilled by the surreal atmosphere that is created when it is the night time. the beautiful ocean and the fine sand will be no less than a dream sequence of a movie under the full moon and you will wish that your time would stop right there.

Various Not To Be Missed Activities When In Uk

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Travel UK, travel tipsPlanning to visit UK? Confused about what to do there? Then you must consult this article which will help you to solve your doubts. You must not forget to visit the Lake District. The place located in north-west England, having 16 lakes, 53 tarns and innumerable hills is a breathtaking place. You must also visit the largest National Park which is the largest in England and 2nd largest in UK. It will provide you with fishing and hiking facilities as well together with its flora, fauna and wildlife.

You can go for mountain climbing in the hilly regions of UK as well as go for boat trips in the beautiful lakes. Villages offer a special attraction power having shopping, dining facilities. Bath, located in south-west UK is a very culturally rich place having a lot of museums and art galleries. The Botanical gardens maintained by the world renowned University of Oxford has a collection of 7000 plants and is also a must visit. The place Devon is best for beach lovers. Besides all the above things, restaurants and accommodation facilities are also there according to your price range.