Enjoying Rio at its enthralling best

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Travel Rio, travel tipsIf you are thinking of spending some time with your friends and have lots of fun then Rio is definitely the best place that you should choose. With the carnival being the top attraction at Rio many people from round the world come here just to experience the fun during the carnival time. From dance to music to attractive costumes and mind blowing performances by various artists, you will get all of them in one place and that is Rio.

The accommodation charges in the hotels are kept quite low so that more and more people could come and see what Rio transforms in to during the time of the carnival. Most of the time the stadiums where these carnivals take place are sold out long ago long before the carnival starts. That is the craze that you would look forward to when you visit Rio. A special attraction is the street carnival. With Samba and drinks and drums this place surely is bliss once you pay a visit.

Amazing destinations in Salzburg

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Travel Salzburg, summer holiday destinationAre you planning to spend your summer holidays in Salzburg? Well then before packing your bags take a look at this article and get a clear idea about the best tourist attractions in Salzburg. If you are a lover of scenic beauty then mount untersberg can give you perfect pleasure. This is the tallest peak in this area and the cable railway can give you the panoramic view of the entire locality with Austrian Alps range.

Salzburg’s oldest market place is Waagplatz. Here you can find some excellent shops and churches and cafes. Lots of attractive historical buildings are located in this area. If you want to spend some time in recluse then visiting Volksgarten will be a good idea. It has great landscape with beautiful fountains and, seasonal flowers. Here you can spend some good time with your family having a picnic or so. Stiegls brewery world is famous for great beer shops.

Austrian travel delights for you

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Holiday in Austria, travel EuropeLocated in the continent of Europe, Austria is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Resting like a jewel in between the snow capped Alps, this is a country of castles and scenery that pleases the eye and soothes the soul. Austria is a part of one of the oldest cultures in Europe. Vienna is the capital of the country and is associated with such historical figures such as Beethoven, Mozart and many more, who have enriched the pages of history. The city has various historic monuments that are listed on the UNESCO list of heritage and cultural jewels. Other attractions in Austria include The Museum of the Future, Eisriesenwelt Caves, Hohe Tauern National Park, Krimml Falls and many more that are sure to leave you spellbound. Austria is also a paradise for mountain and adventure lovers. Camping, mountain hiking, rafting and skiing are some of the eminent attractions of an Austrian vacation.

What to do when in Geneva

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Travel Geneva, travel tipsIf you’re planning to take a trip to Geneva, here is a complete guide to the various activities which you can engage in. Get in contact with the Swiss Tourist Office and you can get good packages and deals with the local tourism companies. Some of the things which one should go for are the amazing boat rides and board dining facilities. There is something for everyone in Geneva and it’s known for its versatile culture.

The Cathedrale Saint-Pierre and the Lake Geneva are some of the most beautiful spots in Geneva. Tourists from all over the world flock around the year to these places. There are some fine restaurants and opera houses as well. The weather is amazing and even if you don’t feel like visiting any place you can just stroll around this beautiful place. For history lovers, the National Museum and the Reformation Wall are a must visit.

Exploring the dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur

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Travel Kuala Lumpur, travel destinationAre you planning to head towards the grand city in Kuala Lumpur? Well then check this article and know about the hottest tourists attractions in this city. Visiting the PETRONAS tower should be your first and foremost goal after reaching Kuala Lumpur. It is the main building of Malaysia’s gas and Oil Company and this 88 storied building has its own charm. Visiting the Menara KL should also be included in your tour plan in Kuala Lumpur as this is the fifth tallest building in the world.

For authentic Chinese culture, food, marketing you can visit the china town which will give you a taste of multi ethnicity and if you are interested in knowing about the religious culture of Malaysia then you can visit the Batu caves which are located above 272 steps from the ground. Various Hindu idols and sculptures can be found here. Thean Hou temple is also a very sacred place in this city.

Planning short Mexican getaway

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Travel Mexico, travel tipsMexico is a country with varied sights and scenery. You can find the extreme heights to the depths in the same country. The beautiful Mayan Rivera offers you the beautiful beaches to water sport activities. Driving through the country with a bunch of friends or family will surely result into a memorable road trip. The vast country land is surely to take your breath away. While planning a short road trip you will need to decide well about your plans.

While planning makes sure that you take up the entire required item. Contacting someone who has already visited the country before will help you a lot in planning. You can use the experience of that person to decide which place you must visit and which you can afford to miss in this short span of time. Making a prior booking of hotels will surely make your trip a better one. You can also take the help of trip advisor websites where you get the chance of planning your trip easily.

London honeymoon destinations

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Travel London, honeymoon destinationAre you planning to spend your honeymoon with your newly married spouse in London? Well then check out the details of the greatest tourist attractions in one of the fabulous cities of this world where you can have the most memorable time of your life with your loved ones.

So your first task is to book a romantic hotel in London where you can enjoy facilities like spa, swimming pool along with a number of beauty therapies. You can check out the most visited places of this city like the London eye, Buckingham palace, Tower Bridge by holding the hand of your newly married spouse.

You can also take a valentine cruise where you can catch a glimpse of the city by sailing across the river Thames. Noting hill, Somerset Bridge and many more attractive destinations are also famous where honeymoon couples enjoy their relishing times in the lap of the nature.