Taking trip to the Niagara

September 30, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Travel Tips

With the summer holidays closing by it is time you decide your holiday destination. If you want to go with your wife or girlfriend then it is best if you choose Niagara as your holiday spot. This is one of the perfect places where you can actually enjoy the romance. There are various places where you can visit once you reach Niagara. The first place among all the others should be Queen Street. It is beautiful place with some of the best historic buildings, hotels, gift shops, horse drawn carriages and restaurants.

If you want to enjoy a bit of entertainment then you got to visit the Festival Theatre. With over an accommodation of 856 this place will surely baffle you. Most importantly when you visit Niagara you cannot return home without seeing the Niagara Falls. It is regarded as one of the best sights of the world and missing it would make you miss all the fun in Niagara.

Whale watching in Scotland

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Attraction in Scotland, travel destinationScotland is famous for its whale watching trips. There are cruises that take you whale watching and you would be into the sea to see the whales and the dolphins. There are cruises that may even take to the surrounding islands for sightseeing. You can also expect sites of many seabirds.

There are numerous islands and some of them have abundance of gulls, guillemots and terns. You will have a guided tour and the chances of getting to see the big wheels are high if you go with a good guide. Do not forget to carry your camera on the trip because if you go there and do not capture the magnificent site of the whale, you will regret it like anything. There have been occasions when the whales come near the boat to check out the tourists. People find it exciting to see dolphins. Imagine how exciting it would b if you see a whale for real.

Backpacking in America

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Travel America, travel tipsAre you planning for a backpacking trip to America? Well, America is a fantastic place for the backpackers and here are some suggestions on the popular backpacking routes in the continent.
You can go for Mount Whitney route in California’s Lone Pine region and is a favorite for the chilled weather backpacking patrons. It’s an 11 mile long hike to 14,505 ft. high summit to Mount Whitney covered with ice & snow. You can also go for backpacking in the Montana region along Black Canyon in the Rockies. It’s a moderate hike along Yellowstone River and is popular for the mesmerizing scenery and great wildlife abundance all through the way. The Montana trail is great for the summer months.

Kalalau trail in Hawaii is another famous backpacking destination in America. The trail sweeps through spectacular Hawaiian valleys and offers for one of the most memorable backpacking experience for the tourists.

Making the most of your Cuban holiday

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Travel Cuba, beach destinationsThe best place to visit for you this holiday is to Cuba. Cuba is one place which you can not only visit yourself and have loads of fun but also bring your family along with you as Cuba has everything for everyone, irrespective of age, gender and taste. Cuba has the most well equipped and luxurious hotels that are not only wonderful and comfortable to live it but also friendly on the pocket. There are a lot of things to do while you are at Cuba and not a moment of boredom will you be finding.

There are loads of places to visit that will interest you and your family. When visiting these places you will come across the friendliest of locals and guides who will help you know about the history and culture of Cuba and also help you out with directions. Cuba has wonderful markets where you can shop for souvenirs for your family. The Cuban Cuisine is extremely versatile and worth trying out.

Travelling around the beautiful Naples

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Travel Naples, travel tipsNaples is located in the southern part of Italy in the Campania region. It is hardly a 2 hours drive from Rome. It is a metropolitan city and also the hub of transportation for the whole of south Italy. The beautiful place is situated to the north of the Bay of Naples. You can travel around the city of Naples using a number of ways of commutation, however the railways is preferable due to its wide connection around the city. It is an ideal place for a holiday with your family. There are some fine hotels and resorts with all sorts of modern amenities for the guests. It is better if you do some research on the accommodation according to your budget before your trip.

The dining facilities are also awesome in Naples with the collection of Mediterranean food, pizza, wine etc. The 15th century statue of Egyptian God Nile in Piazetta Nilo and San Gennaro is a must see for you during the trip. You can also contact the tour operators operating in Naples to enjoy a tour around the city.

Finding cheap flights to Auckland

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Flights to Auckland, travel tipsIf you are planning a trip to New Zealand, then you can get yourself some good deals for cheap flights to Auckland. There are flights from all over the world which lead to Auckland and many travel agencies provide special packages to travelers who wish to visit this beautiful land of seas, mountains, mesmerizing costal forests, volcanic peaks and dreamy beaches. Many flights take off to Auckland from almost all major airports of UK, USA, Korea, and other countries too.

If you take in special hotel deals and travel packages, you might get good discounts. Thousands of travelers visit New Zealand every year and it’s also a good spot for honeymooners to spend a memorable first holiday together after marriage. There are many hotels and even Bed and Breakfast inns in New Zealand. You can book your tickets online as well. Booking them online a couple of months earlier can actually save you a lot of money.

Visiting Key West

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Travel Key West, FloridaIf you are planning to go on a trip, then one of the best places to visit is Key West, located in the west of Florida. It is a beautiful island with promises of great memories and experience, just waiting to be discovered. This place has been a popular tourist hotspot for several decades. The beautiful and calm seas and the warm sandy beaches can be the perfect retreat for you.

You can take a stroll along the streets of Key West and enjoy yourself. You won’t even have to take a taxi from one destination to another. The people are very helpful and friendly and the weather always compliments the beauty and feel of the place. You can even go scuba diving in Key West. There are professionals who can train and guide you to experience the ultimate underwater thrill. Key West is also popular for its amazing cuisine and local delicacies. Do not miss out on that while you’re there.