Discovering the historical remains in Ireland

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Ireland has many places of historical interests and if you are on a trip to Ireland, then you visit see all the historical remains of the country. It is said by archeologists that Ireland has been inhibited by people from the year 6000BC which dates back to nearly the mid Stone Age.

Of all the historic, the most famous to be mentioned is the relics of Saint Patric who introduced Ireland to Christianity. Of all the relics, Croagh Patrick is very much famous. Pilgrims from all over the world even come today to visit the place.

The castle of the King of Ireland once stood in the same place where the Dublin castle is now. You can clearly have an idea regarding the defense of the country if you visit this place.
There are many other places which have many histories embedded within them. You need to do a proper research on all of them if you are interested in discovering the history of Ireland.

Plan your honeymoon vacation to Cancun

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Are you busy planning your honeymoon? Well, if you are, here is some advice for you. Whisk away your new bride you Cancun in Mexico. An absolutely beautiful place, Cancun is nature at its very best. And there are very fewer places on earth that offers so much of diversity to honeymooners. In fact, saying that Cancun manifests all things romantic is not far from the truth.

One of the best things about Cancun is its sun-kissed beaches which are made all the more alluring with blue waters and the white sand. You can also indulge in a plethora of activities with your bride when you are in Cancun. You can go scuba diving and snorkeling and see the coral reefs up, close and personal. If you have an interest in archeological sites, you can visit the pyramids at Coba and Chichen Itza. There are also smaller pyramids at Ruinas Del Ray. Cancun also offers wild crazy nights and you can party like there is no tomorrow.

Travel delights in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world. It is a peaceful location for tourism. Most of the area is covered by desert. It has wonderful wildlife and nature for tourists to spend their vacation. It has more than 200 mammals and more than 400 varieties of birds to see.

• Koi sai lake is the best place for fishing and camping. Tourists can enjoy fishing in these lakes.
• Petroglyphs are also termed as open air art theater, Kazakhstan provides these pretoglyphs through its Tamgaly Tash valley.
• In the Almaty valley, there is a place called Madeo, which provides the tourists with ice skating facility and a great dam to visit.
• The steppes and the desert are the main landscape of Kazakhstan. These provide some great scenic views for the tourists.
• You should visit the Kokpar national game reserve.
• And also visit the Khodja Akhmed Yassaui’s Mausoleum.

Featured attractions of Hawaii islands

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Hawai Islands are one of the places to visit in your lifetime. A local saying goes like this, “there’s no other place like Hawaii”. The island group consists of six major islands, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the Hawaii Island itself. The main island can be reached by air and by ship from the western seaboard of the USA.

Here are some of the featured attractions of the island group:

• Kauai island is called the garden isle. This island hosts the outdoor activities such as kayaking in Wailua river, hiking in the Kokee state park, and snorkeling on the beach of Poipu.
• Waikiki, Oahu, hosts the attractions such as Pearl Harbor, Lolani Palace and the Hanauma Bay.
• Hawaii islands provide great natural wonders. Visit the world’s most active volcano Kilauea, and the world’s tallest sea mountain Maunaloa.
• Don’t miss the lush rainforests, Snow Mountains and black rock volcanic deserts of Hawaii.

One of world famous bridge, Golden Gate

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The Golden gate bridge is situated across the San Francisco strait. The bridge spans around 2 kilometers from San Francisco in the south and Marin County on the north. This bridge is one of internationally recognized symbol of the USA. The bridge was erected in the year 1937. It is one of the longest and oldest suspension bridges in the world. This bridge is popular among the tourists and bicyclists. There are 2 walkways for the walking tourists to get a breathtaking view from the bridge. During the night with the lights the view is wonderful, and sometimes the bridge is covered with thick fog, this makes the bridge disappear.

There are some great destinations nearby this bridge, one of which is the well known historic prison in the USA that is the Alcatraz. In yesteryears, it was one of the biggest security prisons in the country.

Planning an adventurous get away to Auckland

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Auckland is an ideal destination for holidaying and relaxing and it is especially more fun place for those people who love fishing. You can get different varieties of fishes here and if you carry fishing hummingbird with yourself then it will be an added advantage since you can get detailed information about different fishes. A fisherman eyes for a new adventure and the fishing experience he will get here he will surely love it for the rest of his lifetime. Auckland is more ideal place to visit during the Christmas time since you will enjoy the most as it is celebrated hugely by the local crowd.

There are several people who visit Auckland especially during the Christmas only so as to make there day festival. Auckland also offers wide range of adventurous activities such as Hunting, Ballooning, Skydiving, Rock climbing and many such other adventurous activities. Thus enjoy at its best in Auckland.

A wintery Alabama

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A winter vacation in Alabama is a sure rush for any enthusiastic tourist here. Alabama greets its winter travelers with a range of beautiful winter state parks and the Gulf shores beaches are the best to shift you away from the old man winter blues. The post here presents a short glimpse on some winter fun in Alabama.

Alabama hosts a number of magnificent winter state parks like Cheaha Park, Lake Guntersville State Park and Gulf State park. These State Parks feature outstanding panoramic view with many exciting sporting opportunities. The tourists here get to participate in hiking, boating, swimming, fishing and many other adventurous aqua sports. Besides, the Lake Guntersville Park enables the winter visitors to watch he rare American Bald Eagle.

You will also love the sunny beaches of the Gulf Shores in winter and enjoy the exciting water sports here kike deep-sea fishing, beach cruises, parasailing etc.