Holidaying in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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Andaman & Nicobar Islands, island holidaysIf you are a beach lover and wish to get fascinated by the beauty of Nature, a holidaying trip at Andaman and Nicobar Islands is just perfect for you. These small coral islands located in India are a home to some amazing wildlife and aquatic life. The scenic beauty, captivating landscape and beaches will cast a spell on you. You can indulge in numerous water sports to have a light moment with family and friends.

If you are a Nature admirer, a camping trip to study nature will be a good option. But, the best part is the sea diving which will take you to the world of aquatic animals and coral reefs. Professional divers will accompany you to the fabulous world deep under the blue sea waters. The culture of the islands is very different from India which makes the place more attractive. You can dig on some amazing spicy sea food coupled with Indian dishes.

Travel Lahore- the heart of Pakistan

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Travel Pakistan, LahoreLahore, the heart of Pakistan, has on one hand traditional bazaars, evidences of British colonial architecture, mosques, and tombs of many historical empires. On the other hand the city also boast of 5 start hotels with all modern amenities, shopping malls, attractive resorts, etc. So, in one word it can clearly said, that Lahore is a culmination of culture and tradition of the British colonial period as well as the developments in the modern time.

There are many other places which the city can really boast of. For example, the Badshahi mosque built by Shah Jahan or the Shalimar Gardens situated in the outskirts of the city bear prominent evidence of the Mughal culture and tradition.

There are some hotels and resorts offering the best accommodation facilities. You can also get varieties of cuisines other the Mughal cuisines, which are a specialty here. You can hardly find some bars or pubs in here, since Islam doesn’t allow the habit of drinking.

Honeymoon in Beautiful Bali

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beautiful bali beachAre you looking for a perfect honeymoon destination? Then Bali is the answer to your search. This paradise island has a lot to offer for honeymoon couples. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and a great social life, Bali has got to offer a great night life, perfect sandy beaches and a whole lot of unique shopping. As a new couple you can spend a romantic time with your partner in a private villa with private pool.

There are many beautiful beaches in Bali. The beaches include kuta beach, Legian beach, Semnyakh beach and Saunar beach. All these beaches have a great scenic beauty and a beautiful clear sea for you to enjoy. The food in Bali includes a great amount of cuisines that you would love to enjoy. Some of the resorts provide services at the beach. So plan your honeymoon well and start your new life in the paradise island.

Bangkok- paradise for the shoppers

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Travel Bangkok, shopping destinationAre you a true shopaholic and can go to any place on earth for buying your favourite items? Well, then your next shopping destination should be none other than Bangkok. It is like a Paradise full of the best outfits, accessories, watches and gadgets. Whether you want a fabulous dress or a cool bag, everything will be right at your fingertips in Bangkok.

The best part about the place is the price which is very affordable. You can get fantastic branded collection outfits at unbelievable prices. If you are fond of jewelleries and shoes, Bangkok will definitely drive you insane with its awesome collection. Right from the streets to the big branded stores, you will get everything that you actually see your favourite celebrities wearing.

Sukhumvit, Silom, Panthip Plaza, Pratunam at Petcheburi and Gaysom Plaza are some of the most amazing shopping destinations of this city where you can shop till you drop. The best part is that you can bargain and get anything at a satisfactory price. So, book your tickets to Bangkok now.

Managing your timeshare resort travel and its charges

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timeshare resort managementTimeshare investment refers to a form of investment on a holiday resort where the investor shares his or her ownership rights with multiple timeshare investors on the same property. As a fractional owner here you would have the privilege of enjoying the property and its amenities at a particular time every year, such as for a week. Now, albeit your timeshare investment allows you to relish a guaranteed holiday accommodation every year, the owner here is under the obligation to pay for the property’s annual maintenance fees. The main problem is that the annual maintenance fees of the timeshare resorts tend to spring up every year and at times it can lead to thousands of dollars per year.

How does the fee go up?

The timeshare annual maintenance costs can hike up for many reasons. Many a times, the timeshare owners experience a substantially high leap in the fees if the resort developer decides to stop subsidizing the maintenance fees. It can usually happen after the termination of the timeshare resort’s construction. Apart from the property developer’s non-cooperation in subsidizing the maintenance fees, the annual maintenance charge can also hike up considerably to cover up the contingencies like damages & losses faced by the property due to vandalism, storm, theft or fire.

Consequences of non or late payment

Now, the continually increasing annual maintenance fee gets burdensome for many timeshare owners which can even lead to non-payment or late payment of dues. Non-payment or late payment of the maintenance charges again poses certain consequences for the timeshare owner. In case you fail to pay up the maintenance due in full, you may get negative ratings on your credit & it might also affect your legal well-being. Besides, your resort company holds the permission of foreclosure on your delinquent or unpaid timeshare ownership. In addition, the resort company could even sue you for recovering delinquent amounts.

However, you have organizations like Resort Management Association to help out the timeshare owners from the burden of elevated timeshare annual maintenance dues. The company holds specialization in resort management and strives to assist the timeshare owners to get free from their increasing timeshare annual maintenance fee charges. It’s to mention that a great number of timeshare owners have been benefited from the services of the company. Resort Management Association has earned rave reviews from its customers and its previous clients have often acknowledged the company service as “helpful” and “informative”. Timeshare is a ageless concept for your travel and one must plan for this meticulously. Find more travel info on this aspect here.

Top 5 cities to visit when in South America

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If you have been planning to visit South America then here is a list of the top five cities to visit:

• Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: if you are a lover of rainforests and fabulous beaches then Rio de Janeiro and its awesome location is the place for you!
• Buenos Aires, Argentina: the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is known for its tango, night life and as the cosmopolitan city that is still in touch with its heritage.
• Santiago, Chile: Santiago, the capital of Chile is well designed and developed and you will find the place well dotted with restaurants and hotels.
• Bogota, Columbia: Located high up in the Andes, this place should be a favorite for those who love contrasts. Bogota is full of huge, old churches and modern corporate buildings at the same time. The place is dotted with universities and theaters. Bogota has a cultural mix of Indians, English and the Spanish.
• Sao Paulo, Brazil: this is the centre city of Brazil.

Chicago Travel Guide

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Chicago pulls volumes if tourists every year with its wealth of attractions. If you too are planning for a great holiday in Chicago, follow the post below as its all about the must visit attractions here.

You will surely love the Shedd Aquarium here which hosts more than 25,000 mammals and fish like white-sided dolphins from Pacific, beluga whales or seals. The aquarium also hosts different shows, interactive exhibitions and 4D movie screenings. Then you have the amazing Wills Tower which is the world’s tallest freestanding building. It’s over 1,400 ft. tall.

You cannot miss out on the Hancock Center, especially if you travelling with your family. The Hancock Center is stuffed with restaurants, shops, Hancock observatory etc., all of which you might want for a great day out with the family. The Chicago Art Institute is another major attraction here with its spectacular collection of American and African art displays.