New Mexican attractions for an unusual trip

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Mexican attractionsAre you planning for an off-beat vacation lately with your buddies? Well, when it comes to an exciting yet unusual vacation, New Mexico can surely live up to your expectations. Here is a brief on some famous unusual attractions you must witness in your New Mexico trip.

If you are not scared of bats, you must take a tour to Carlsbad where you have the Real Bat Cave. From April to Mid-October, you will find an unforgettable spectacle hundreds and thousands of bats hovering over Carlsbad cavern for food. Nobody can perfectly explain emergence of these bats from cave.

Then you have Ah-Shi-Sle Pah Wilderness Studying Area in San Juah. The place can be often mistaken as an alien land given its wide array of hoodoos, badlands, caprocks, erosion, sandstone monuments and balanced rocks- and that in huge array of shades. It’s really unusual to find yellow-orange hoodoos or brown-ochre badlands.

Packing for a road trip across state

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road trip, packing tipsA road trip can be very exciting but can turn horribly wrong if things are not available on the way. For a cross state road trip it is best to carry legal documents along. For any medicines in use prescribed medicines along with their prescription is an absolute necessity. One can afford not to pack consumables because they can be bought along the way.

The most important things to look out for when going for a road trip is to make sure that your car is at its best and there are spares for the things that might just go wrong. A good car tune up and servicing before the trip is great. Pack an extra tire for the unexpected puncture and keep basic supplies like food and water packed up. Along the way many things can be an attractive buy so make sure to pack light.

The infamous Hell’s Door in Turkmenistan

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adventure travel, travel tipsThere are many places in the world to which you will never find any explanation. If you carry well research over the internet, you will comes at least around 100 places in this world which are spectacular but weird. No one, not even the scientist can provide any explanation behind their occurrence. You must visit few of those places before you die if you are fond of adventure and exploring new places.

If you carry out research you will definitely come across the Hell’s Door in Turkmenistan. Now, you must be wondering why it is so called. According to mythology the entrance to hell is very dreadful and you will have to pass through hot lave and burning fire flames. The case with the Hell’s Door is somewhat similar.

Though the complete credit behind the creation of Hell’s Door is not only Mother Nature’s since mankind also lend some support to it. The Hell’s Door is a giant hole on the surface of earth with never ending fire. There is a constant supply of burning gas and fire flames in the Hell’s Door in Turkmenistan and according to scientist it may never go out as well.

Every year many people visit the place to see the wonderful yet weirdest joint creation of nature and mankind.

Visit Canada for some great delights

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Travel Canada, travel destinationCanada is a wonderful country to visit. This country has to offer one of the most well crafted cultural events during its festivities. The theatres with top notch plays depicting the acts of Shakespeare and the true English culture is also a must see for the visitors. The roads and scenic beauty of the north of Canada is also wonderful and the culture and people diversity is simply breathtaking. It’s peaceful and really fun loving to be at Canada.

Some of the delights that people can participate is are boat rides to get a closer look at humpback whales of the coast of Newfoundland and the view of the northern lights near the arctic circle. Canadian wildlife has to offer polar bears moose’s and walruses. Also the country has to offer big cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Home to ice hockey and maple leaf, packed with great places to visit Canada is simply an experience of a lifetime.

A wild tour of the Andes: hiking

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hiking, adventure holidaysTravelling through some of the most exquisitely picturesque spots all over the world is a dream-come-true for any traveler. The untamed and the unknown always attract people and one such land which are worth exploring are the Andes in the regions of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. If you like camping, hiking and mountain climbing, then the wild Andes mountain range is your true calling.

Climbing and exploring the Andes is like an adventure in itself. There are many mountain trekking and climbing torus hosted by different travel guides and travel agencies and if you are interested, you can contact them directly. They give such tours to both experienced and inexperienced enthusiast with proper and appropriate guidance. You can also find local travel agencies of those regions for cheaper and more experienced options. Make sure you ask for details of what all you have to pack for clothes, food and medicines to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

How to plan a trip to a desert

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Trip to desert, travel tipsPlanning to go on a trip to a desert in this vacation season? Then you need to plan your trip well before hand so as to make it a successful one. For planning a trip here are certain tips that you can use.
• Search over the internet for different tour packages that are offered by various agencies. Getting a package booked can ensure a better trip as the agency will plan your destination and will help you in making a good vacation trip.
• You could also talk to your friends and family those who have visited a desert before. Their experience could help you in planning.
• There are many different blogs available on the internet where different travelers share their experiences. This can surely be fruitful for you.
So use these tips and ensure that you make a good plan for a vacation in a desert enjoying the roller coaster rides of sandy dunes.