A memorable snowy holiday in Switzerland

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holiday in Switzerland, travel SwitzerlandHeaven on the earth- that’s what Switzerland is called. The country has an essence on its own and it’s like a brand itself for the scenic beauty and chocolate and cheese all over the world. The Swiss Alps, the winding roads and the endless mustard fields and the view from the small mountains and cozy little inns and lavish hotels are truly an experience, which you’ll never forget.

If you happen to go to Switzerland, places like Zurich, Bern, and Engelberg should be never given a miss. Engelberg is home for the world famous Mount Titils. The Mount Titils trip is done in 5 stages in elevators and cable cars. The view is breathtaking. Enjoy the greenery and as the altitude increases snowfall and white shining snow, peaked Alps will be there to welcome you. You can then also take a trip down to Bern for some time shopping for the world famous homemade chocolates and cheese.

A Creepy Tour: Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

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Travel destinations, australiaIf you happen to visit Australia any time during the year, then do take a trip to Beechworth, Victoria. It is home for the Mayday Hills Hospital, which is also known as the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. It is open to the public for visiting and it has a creepy history as well. It is believed that after this hospital was opened in the year 1867, about 3000 people were admitted there.

However, things started going bad when people started dying due to the “treatments” which were given to the patients. Some of them even didn’t need those kinds of treatments so it was basically illegal. Many died of hunger and thirst. They were also made slaves and exploited labor was a buzz in between the grave walls of this gloomy and dark hospital. Visitors can today still see the Darwin chairs where the patients used to be spun so fast in the chairs that their mouths and noses would bleed. Some say the spirits of these tortured patients still linger among the halls. Take the beech worth ghost tour for a chilling experience.

What to see and enjoy in Sicily?

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enjoy in SicilySicily is one of the most beautiful islands on the Mediterranean. It’s one of the most hit tourist destinations famous for its gorgeous beaches, fabulous food & quaint fishing villages as well as smoking volcanoes vibrant cities and spectacular architectural treasures. The article here highlights on the top attractions in Sicily.

The capital city of Palermo is a must visit for every tourist in Sicily. Palermo looks bustling with its extraordinary Norman palaces & churches. Then, you have Monreale which is located 8 km southwest to the Palermo city and features finest Cathedral from 12th century & magnificent mosaic cycles from the medieval era.

Sicily hosts the highest volcano of Europe, Mount Etna which is nearly 3,323 m above the sea level. If you are fond of hiking, you can enjoy a memorable hike across Etna Park. The biggest Mediterranean island is also famous for its lip smacking street foods, So while exploring the beautiful island make sure to indulge yourself in the signature Sicilan treats like Sfiniciuni, Arancini, Pane e Panelle etc.

Visit the submerged city of the dead: Neptune Memorial Reef

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Neptune Memorial ReefThe Neptune memorial reef or Atlantis reef or the Atlantis Memorial Reef is a mysterious and strange tourist attraction at Key Biscayne in Florida. It is known as the largest man made reef in the world. The reef was made with cremated remains of various types about 5 miles away from the coast of Florida and it attracts tourists and underwater diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

It was opened in the year 2007. The remains include several kinds of materials like arches, gates, pillars, sculptures, etc. and they are all cast into concrete for creating the desired effect, fishing isn’t allowed here but boaters and divers are welcome to visit this underwater splendor. It is also known as the city of the dead. It’s creepy to some and wondrously mysterious to others. You can get totally freaked out but it will be definitely a place, which you will keep in your memories forever.

Tips On What To Pack For A Beach Holiday

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Beach Holiday, Beach Holiday packing tipsPlanning for a beach holiday to some beautiful beach? If yes then you must be very excited and happy. But one thing that will be confusing for you is packing for that beach holiday. What if you do not pack some thing that will turn out to be essential during the holiday? Then of course you will be disappointed. Here are certain tips that will help you pack all your essentials for an amazing beach holiday.

First thing you have to consider is the duration of your vacation. According to that you have to pack your clothes. Always carry extra clothes. Since it is a beach holiday you should pack clothes that are light and brightly colored. Swim suit becomes a must.

Pack an umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion etc for your beach holiday. If you forget things easily then prepare a list of things that you will require during your holiday. Along with this never forget to carry enough money with you.