Places shopaholics would love to explore

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travel dubaiAre you an ardent shopaholic who whole heartedly believes in the mantra of “shop till you drop”? Well shopping comes with its own charm- it’s almost like a healing therapy for the ultimate shopaholics. So do you love to explore new places for shopping? The good bit is that there are some famous tourist destinations which are highly regarded among the shopping aficionados. The article here posts brief on ideal places that could be a shopper’s delight.


The Middle-East city is almost synonymous with luxury and lavishness. The eminent city is well-stuffed with several shopping malls extending premium merchandise from all the top brands of the world such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL etc. Apart from top branded merchandise, the Dubai malls also come up with exotic hand crafted Arabian souvenirs like “sheeshas”.


It’s needless to mention that the beautiful French capital is the paradise for shoppers. Whether you are looking for exquisite attires or exotic perfumes or chic handbags or most charismatic footwear- Paris the ultimate resource for fashion shopping.


Next to Paris, it’s Milan which is regarded in the similar high esteem as the French capital. The Italian city is dotted with several great boutiques which are selling high branded fashion merchandise at discounted prices.


Tokyo is the ideal place to shop for if you are a gizmo freak with a knack for cutting edge and out of the box high end gadgets. Besides, the Nippon capital also welcomes you to enjoy a great bargain shopping from its lively flea markets and wonderful boutiques.

Hong Kong

The oriental island country is another majestic destination for shopping, drawing in shopaholics from all over the world every year. You will love its designer boutiques and shopping mall with so many brands to pick from. People also hit to Hong Kong for its exotic traditional jewelry.

A Vacation in the exotic Laos

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exotic LaosLaos is one of the most hit destinations in S.E Asia pulling in a great host of tourists every year. The mountainous & landlocked country was long isolated from outside world but today it’s gradually gaining high prominence in the tourism scene- courtesy the improvement in communication & transport. Laos welcomes its visitors with a huge number of exotic attractions that are sure to make your vacation worthy. The article here is brief on the wonders of Laos.
Pha That Luang is one of the most significant attractions in Laos. It’s located in the capital city of Vientiane. Pha That is a magnanimous Buddhist stupa adorned by many terrace where each of the levels imply varied states of Buddha’s enlightenment. It’s lowest level signify material world while the highest one imply nothingness.

The stupa was originally constructed in sixteenth century but had to be reconstructed in 1931 given the huge destruction caused by Siamese regime in 1828. Then you have the caves of Pak Ou, situated on the mighty Mekong river. The caves here are renowned for their great number of mini Buddha sculptures. You will find the Buddha figurines in varied arrangements, including teaching, meditation, rain, peace & reclining (nirvana).

No trip to Laos is complete without a sail across Mekong River. The mighty Mekong is the greatest river of South-East Asia spanning across 4,350 km and the lion’s share of the river gushes through Laos. You must not miss out on the stunning journey across the spectacular vista around Upper Mekong. Vang Vieng is another chief tourist hit in Laos. The beautiful riverside town is located in Laos central. Vang Vieng features a trendy lifestyle and comes dotted with plenty of restaurants, bars, guest houses and other hallmarks of modern Laos. It’s also famous for its limestone mountains.