Cheap hotels in Bangkok

October 21, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Hotels & Stay

hotels in BangkokIf you are planning to go for a holiday in Thailand, a must visit place is the capital city Bangkok. It is the best place to carry on profitable business as well as experience a lot of pleasure. Bangkok has been the social, political and economic centre of Thailand, for over 200 years. Recent surveys have even proved that Bangkok is the top tourist destination of the world especially in the continent of Asia. Since the tourist attractions of Bangkok are brilliant, beautifully decorated hotels are there according to your budget. You may have a misconception that as this city offers high profits for the businessmen, the hotels rates are too expensive. But you are wrong. There are cheaper hotels even which simultaneously provide standard service for the tourists.

The world famous road in Bangkok is the Khaosan road which runs through the heart of the city. Hotel De ‘Moc is situated near this road and is the ideal place if you enjoy sightseeing with your family. Rattanakosin Island, Golden Mount and the Grand Palace are the sightseeing attractions that you can enjoy from this hotel. This hotel offers you with standard rooms as well as superior rooms which you can choose according to your budget. They provide you with the tradition mixed modern Thai hospitality about which you can only appreciate.

Located at the middle of all actions is the Royal Asia Lodge Hotel Bangkok which also offers best value. The rooms have indirect lighting with remote control system and also a cutaway ceiling. The furniture provided in the rooms will surely make you comfortable and relaxed. Apart from a good room, this hotel will provide you with amusement parks where your children can enjoy thoroughly and also come to know about the history of Thailand. Nightclubs and bars being famous in Thailand is very close to this place for you to enjoy an uninterrupted nightlife. The Thai delicacies served in this hotel will also satisfy your taste buds.

Things to do before starting your holiday

October 09, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Adventure Holidays

holiday tipsIt is very important that before leaving for a holiday you check and do the things which might not be regretted later. A holiday to the outside of one’s country obviously calls for greater attention before leaving. It is important to check that the tickets have been kept in a place of easy access along with the visa and passport respectively. It is also important to make photocopies of the tickets just in case of any uncalled for situation. In case you’re going to a new place which may not have been visited before it is important that you carry a guide map which ensures that you’re not lost in that alien city. Going to a new place also means that the local language from there might be unknown to you; this means that carrying a word translator dictionary is must-have for trips like these.

It is important that we carry as many things as required because travelling light is always the best option. For example if the trip is going to be 15 day long it is unnecessary to have two big luggages. One suitcase with one shoulder bag would be sufficient for one person. It is important also to select the right kind of travel bag before being off for vacation. A bag with many compartments is always very handy and efficient. It is important always to carry your mobile phone, some paper, pens and a pen knife at all times. A smart packer is one who has managed to pack the most significant and important things without over packing. Travelling light may also prove to be economical as some airlines take money if the luggage exceeds a few kilos. Travel packing is a art which most of us do not master hence the above tips may prove useful.

Smart tips on budget-friendly cruising

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budget-friendly cruisingAre you planning a cruise trip off late but worried about the usual exorbitant sailing charges? Cruising has its own unique appeal but it’s often the high-end deals that put the entire plan on hold. However, as per the smart travelers, the cruise scene is not that expensive always, provided you are aware of the right tips and tricks. The article here is a short brief on how to land-up with budget-friendly cruising.

First of all, if you are looking for cheap deals you have to sail on the off-seasons. The cruise deals reach up to a sky-rocket stature during the peak seasons due to rising spree on travel during the holidays. But the charge usually calms down when it’s an off-season due to the lack of travel this time. Another great way to grab cheap deals on cruises is to wait for the last-minute deals. Sometimes, if the cruise could not gather adequate amount of passengers, the cruise liners offer dirt cheap deals on their cabins to fill up the empty spaces before it embarks on the journey.

On the other hand, advance booking can also get you highly affordable deals on cruises. The cruise liners are ready to offer the cabins at considerably discounted rates if you book early, at least by 3 months. Then, you can easily get cheaper deals on cruise if you are ready to compromise with the cabin arrangements. Generally, the outside cabins charge higher as these offer you with the breathtaking sea view right from the room. That’s definitely lucrative but if you are ready to satiate yourself with the sea view from deck and opt for an inside cabin, you can get inexpensive deals. Finally, it would be great if you can plan your trip with a travel agency. Actually, the cruise liners offer special discounted rates for the travel agencies only which are viable for individual cruisers.