Memorable Trip to Argentina

January 02, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Travel Tips

Memorable Trip to ArgentinaBeing the eight largest countries in the world Argentina is truly one of its kinds. Its 23 provinces have such scenic beauty and the rich urban life too is amazing that it seems like an interwoven tapestry of culture, heritage, beauty and languages. As far as tourism is concerned this is one place you would not want to miss for anything. It is will one of your most memorable and delightful vacations ever. Spanish is the local language here and is spoken by a lot everyone who dwells in this place. The main attractions of this place would be many. Of them some are:

Buenos Aries being the capital city of Argentina and holding a population of 3 million people is a major attraction. It is a blend of the old heritage and the young architecture so perfectly that people come from very far just to relish the beauty. One thing which you must do when here is taste the local cuisine of this place. It is yummy and not worth missing.

The pampas is an area with not that much human habitat. Its salt water lakes are home to many flamingo birds which are rare and beautiful to look at. There are cowboys who actually practice the authentic old cowboy things and are a treat to the eyes.

An amazing skiing location and a treat for wine lovers would be the stretches of the vineyards spread across the city of Mendoza. After spending the day outdoors which is hectic yet fun with all that skiing and other things you could sit in the balcony sipping fresh wine from the vineyards.

However the most scenic locations would be that of Igazu national park and Igazu waterfalls. Also to the city of Tierra del Fuego where activities like fishing and kayaking are given as an option to tourists who love doing this.