5 best places to retire

November 03, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Travel Tips

places to retireTo retire to a different place means to take vacation for some days or to settle down in some other place so as to get change of lifestyle. You can do something different and unusual which you cannot do at your place. You should also see that the place that you retire to suits your lifestyle and budget. There is should be more options for medical facilities and a life that is active yet peaceful in its own way. There are many communities where you can retire to. Climate is another factor which needs to be taken into account. 5 best places to retire to are as follows:-

1. Panama

There are rare places which offer variety and value both but Panama is the clear winner in this case. Lying in Central America it is hailed as a first world country. It is a convenient place which can be easily reached through. It allures people from North America and hence makes a good choice. As far as the currency is concerned there is not much of a difference as it is dollar. Language barriers also do not exist as English is spoken widely. From brands to local goodies you get all that you want. Enjoyable places like beaches, hiking on the highlands, golfing on the greens are welcoming. Money is not a concern.

2. Ecuador

Perfect getaway as far as climate, scenery and affordability is concerned Ecuador remains a bliss. Amidst the heritage centre of the world you can find a lush apartment. People from Cuenca retire to Ecuador for peace. It has a superb facility of the health care and you can either live as a serene farmer or a sophisticated gentleman- the choice is yours. Being small in size it is also environment friendly. You can see the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin. People are gearing up for a better lifestyle. Ecuador remains a top place in comparison to other places.

3. Costa Rica

As far as any originality is concerned Costa Rica beats all. The legacy of weather is year round remains warm. Safety of the public and stability in politics also remains the same. For those who want to spend time in the sun the transition can be made conveniently. It is become a resident area legally. The health system is extremely fruitful and the costs are much cheap from America. You can save by local shopping. According to the Index of Happiness Costa Rica was ranked top in 2012.

4. Malaysia

It is considered as a haven for Asians. You can live luxuriously in a condo with amazing temperature year round. Good beaches, mountains, hill stations that are cool and hopping islands are the places of retreat. Good infrastructure and better medical health facilities are the biggest draw in the world.

5. Spain

Though considered as the hottest destination in Europe it still charms all. Due to recession the prices have also fallen which is why it is convenient to afford residence in the country. You have shops, cinemas, local scenery and accessibility from all the other countries is quite easy. The price factor attracts all to Spain and of course offers best road trips.

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