7 Things To Remember When Camping

September 13, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Travel Tips

Camping tips

Camping is your chance to get away from the humdrum of the city into the quiet woods or a park. This is a great vacation and for enjoying this you just need to ensure the following:

• There are many other people who are going to come to the same place to camp. So never leave the site dirty. Most campgrounders charge you a fine amount if you leave the place dirty. There is always a trash bin nearby, so please do leave all kinds of waste there.

• Remember to put out the camp fire when you leave as a blazing camp fire might put the others who are camping near you to danger. Put the fire out before going to sleep, going out for the whole day or when you leave. Just make sure the coal and ash are cool as that is enough.

• In case you are taking pets to camping, do not leave their stool or urine on the camping site. Also ensure that they do not use the other campers’ bathrooms. Keep your pets on a leash as many camp sites allow pets but prefer them to be on a leash. This is because kids are not very immune to animal allergies and there might be many people who are not comfortable around animals.

• There are always extra spaces that are provided for washing dishes and cups. Please do not use the bathroom to clean dishes as this is very unsanitary. Imagine the amount of disease spreading bacteria there might be from other people’s hands or mouth. Even yours.

• Never ever cut through the campsites that others are using. The people pay to use the area and everyone likes their own privacy and personal space when they stay at the camp. Unless it is a dire emergency, please make sure that you go around other’s camps and not through it.

• Usually the time between 10 am to 6 am is considered to be the quiet hours. There are always children and people in camping who need rest or need to go to bed early. The nights at camping sites are usually still so the voices get carried. Be respectful of the time and the rule.Use flashlights and lowlights in the camping ground when it is night time. If you are arriving in a car, turn off the headlights because the bright light at a dark camping site can be very disturbing to a lot of people. Lanterns, flashlights are the best things to get light from.

• The firewood you receive from the campgrounders is for your use while staying at the campsite. Do not carry them home with you if you have no use of it at your house. Even if you are carrying some yourself, leave the rest back as it might be of help to the fellow campers. Make sure you put everything back in place if you have moved it from its original place. Do not dig anywhere or make holes as these can be dangerous to the people who do not have the knowledge of it being there.

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