Big Island of Hawaii and It’s Places to Visit

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Heard a lot about Hawaii? Stop hearing and now have a visit and experience all that you have heard. The best possible to take all the pleasures f Hawaii is to have a road trip and drive around the island. You got a lot to see in the big island of Hawaii. You get to see lava desert, green lash jungles, sacred beaches, cool highlands and spectacular views of soaring mountains. You will also feel the sensation of mysterious Polynesian who shifted in the big island of Hawaii before thousands of years ago. Here are some places to have a look at when you visit Hawaii.

Kailua Kona

Kailua Kona is a place where American missionaries started the first Christian church in Hawaii in the year 1820. The mokuaikaua church which completed its sanctuary and is still stands in a good position. It was rebuilt in 1837 with coral and lava rocks and thus it is very unique. Just across the street there is a there is a two story palm shaded Hulihee palace which is now converted into a museum. The special thing to see in the museum is the koa wood chair which is designed specially to fit in Princess Ruth who was six feet tall and weighted over 400 pounds.

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay is a place from which you can witness a monument from where the British explorer James Cook was led to his death by his own natives in the year 1779. This incident took place just a year after he and his crew became the first and foremost Europeans to set foot on the sandwich islands.

Hawaii volcanoes national park

Volcanoes of Hawaii are very famous. Visiting Hawaii and getting back without seeing it is missing a big opportunity. It consists the most active volcano in the whole world. To watch the view of the hot lava mixing up in the cool ocean is just splendid. Once seen you won’t be able to forget it. Be safe and careful while watching the lava flows in the park. You can also try out ranger led hike.


There is a small village of honomu which is very famous for its funky false front business. Don’t forget to visit the antique bottle shop. It is visited mostly by the people because it comes in the way to Akaka falls state park which is 442 foot high and a great view to watch. It is also more beautiful for its lush green forests in the surrounding area.


You have to leave the main highway again to reach the deserted waipio valley. Waipio valley is 850 feet below. It is one of the foremost panoramas in the whole state. You are allowed to visit it only with the four wheeler vehicle to drive down the steep road to the valley floor and its marvelous black sand beaches.

Pukohola Heiau

Take some knowledge of history by stopping at the pukohola heiau to watch out its windswept ruins.  This island was conquest by king kamehameha in the year 1791.





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