Best Places to Visit in Africa

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Take you cameras, or your photographer because you are going to visit on of the most beautiful country which can held you up with the beautiful scenery as well one of biggest wildlife which you can have the privilege of when you are visit the best place to visit in Africa. Each and every country has their different culture and religion with their specification which you can get when you are vising places to visit in Africa. Want to enjoy the expansive landscapes with the beauty of greenery applied to it? Than mark my words, Africa is just the place which you cannot leave to go for. The further discussing will help you up with all the information about the places to visit in Africa which you can go for when you are planning to visiting it.

This article will help you getting all the details about the best places to visit in Africa when you are planning your trip towards it. There are many things and place which you can go for ta the time of going for the places to visit in Africa like the great migration, Tanzania, table mountain, south Africa, victoria falls, Zimbabwe, etc. and many more of such places which can be considered amongst the best places to visit in Africa.

Best places to visit in Africa

  • The great migration, Tanzania

The great migration, TanzaniaIf you want to go for the one of the most attractive place to visit in Africa is the Tanzania which will provide you with the great migration of hooves and zebras of the year. The dirt and the migration will give you Goosebumps and I must say that it can be considered to be one of the eyes capturing moment which you cannot miss to go for. This place is considered to be amongst the most attractive place which you can go for at the time of going for the places to visit in Africa.

  • The Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain, South AfricaWant to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world than mark my words, cape town is considered to be your jam when you are planning and going for the best places to visit in Africa. Yes, the table mountain is being situated in Cape Town, which is also considered to be amongst the most beautiful cities when it comes for the beaches in the world. The cable ride will help you in giving the beautiful views regarding the table mountain which can help you in getting one of your best pictures till now.

  • Victoria fall, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria fall, Zambia and ZimbabweOne of the majestic place which you cannot leave to visit at the time of going for the places to visits in Africa is the Victoria falls, which are considered to be having the best effects which can not only get you shock but will also get you astonished about the place where it has been situated. Want to enjoy the spray of water from the height of 108 feet than it is considered to be one of the best place to visit in Africa.

Popular Myths Surrounding African Safaris

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african safaries, travel safaryAfrican safari trip is something that we all want to do at least once in our lifetime. If you are a travel lover and love to witness the beauty of animals then you should plan an African safari trip for yourself. Before you visit Africa, you must get acquainted with certain myths that surround the African safaris so that your trip can be planned according to the facts rather than the myths. So here are some of the African safari myths.

  • Africa is hazardous, humid and hot: True to a certain extent but safari trips should be planned for the winter months so that danger from snakes and mosquitoes can be avoided.
  • Africa is dangerous due to political instability: Some countries are facing political unrests but that does not mean all the countries are unsafe for the tourists.
  • African safari means adventure: Not actually because safari trip is generally a relaxed experience where you do not have to engage in any physically strenuous activities.
  • African safari trip means staying out always: Not true at all. You can actually book luxurious lodges and hotel rooms to spend your time when you do not feel like attending the game drives.
  • African safaris are costly: Your airfare might turn out to be expensive if you are a foreign traveler. Otherwise accommodation, food etc in Africa is usually affordable.
  • Animals can be sighted only if you take the help of guides: You can actually sight animals by going on a self-game drive at the perfect time of the day.
  • Sighting the Big-Five and the migration of the Wildebeest is enough during an African safari: Africa is home to a variety of animals, birds and insects. So sighting the Wildebeest migrating or Big-Five is not the only thing you should look forward to.

Egypt: a treat for the history buffs

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Egyptian history has always been the leading attraction as far as historians are concerned. With a rich culture, heritage and history it is definitely a treat for all history buffs to learn and explore more into it. The first thing that comes to our minds when we talk of Egypt is its beautiful pyramids and tombs since the time of Nefertiti and Tutankhamen. The Sphinx is also one of the main destinations for historians in Egypt. Delving deep into the history of Egypt the early dynasty of the Egyptian emperor tends to be the most interesting of all.

This has led to the importance of the history of Egypt. The pre-dynastic era of the Nile Valley leading on to the Roman conquest in about 30 BC, all add up to the wonderful rich history that Egypt possesses. A visit to Egypt is definitely what every historian craves for till date to discover and learn more about their BC culture.

African safari: a must visit for adventure lovers

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If you’re planning on a vacation, then an African Safari is what will do you good. It is an experience of a lifetime and everybody should have the opportunity to experience it at least once in their lives. Get in touch with a good travel agency. They mostly offer full packages including hotel booking, food and tours as well. Having a tour guide is a must as if you want to be safe and gain knowledge about the beauty and secrets about Africa.

Make sure you have information on what kind of packing you should go for on an African safari. Make sure that your first aid kit is well stacked as well. There are many things to do while in Africa like, mobile safari rides, fly in safaris and walking safari. Choose whichever suits your needs best. Africa is a beautiful place to visit where you can see the perfect blend of the fauna life in the wild in the midst of beautiful exotic flora.

Cape Winelands, a perfect destination for wine lovers

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South African wine is famous all over the globe. Cape Town is known for its winelands where some of the best wines are produced. Places like Overberg, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch are some of the best places to visit in the winelands of Cape Town. These are some of the oldest and the most famous regions near Cape Town. You will not only enjoy the different wines you get to taste but also the scenic beauty of these places.

Wine lovers from across countries visit Cape Town to cherish the wines it produces. The variety of wine that can be consumed in the Cape winelands is the thing which pulls the wine lovers. For some it is like a dream come true if they get the opportunity to visit these winelands. South Africa’s economy and tourism sector has seen tremendous growth over years just because of these winelands of Cape Town.

All about the islands of Africa

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Do you wish to have a serene vacation with your loved one in paradise? If so, the African Islands are absolutely what you are looking for. Perfect for witnessing Mother Nature at her magnificent best, these tropical islands offer just the right mix of adventure, serenity and romance. The crystal clear blue water, the virgin islands, the rugged terrain, the greenest of green forest are some of attractions which pull nature lovers from all over the globe.

Few of the most stunning islands Africa offers are Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius and Seychelles. Hence, if you are planning an African getaway, your options are huge. These islands have something for everyone. Whether it is soaking in the sun at many of the virgin beaches or going out on a thrilling wildlife safari, relaxing in its cool crystal blue water or just binging on the local delicacies, when in Africa, you can have the cake and eat it too!

Where should you go for your weekend holiday in Africa?

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Are you planning to take a break from work and enjoy a vacation? If you are, book your tickets to Africa. Africa is a wonderful amalgamation of tradition and modernity and you can be rest assured that you will have the time of your life there.

And if you are taking the trip to Africa, visiting Egypt is a must. When in Egypt, you must visit Abu Simbel. The two renowned temples of Abu Simbel are famous for their historic relocation for the original cliff and their exquisite magnificence. The Pyramid of Giza is also a must visit. The greatest pyramid here is the pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu who was the founder of Giza.

If you visit Namibia, make a trip to the Fish River Canyon. The Canyon boasts of astonishing grandeur and is the second most spectacular canyon in the world. You must also visit the Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert. It is a big clay pan enclosed by huge sand dunes.

Travel tips when in Namibia

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Feeling adventurous? Go wild and plan a trip to the wilderness of Africa and get ready to have the time of your life. Namibia is a great place to plan a trip. Places like Skeleton Coast Park, Sandwich Harbor, Sossusvlei, etc. are the main tourist spots in Namibia. Long stretches of African deserts, Namibia is adored with the most beautiful flowers and wild life. Interesting animals are also a big attraction here. The spirit of Africa comes alive in Namibia.

 It is important to know the climate of Namibia so that you can go prepared. Namibia is dominated with typical dry to semi-dry type of climate almost all throughout the year. In summers the temperature is around 30 and 38 degree Celsius and in winter it may be something around 0-10 degrees. If you are into handicraft, you will have a grand time shopping here with the lively markets of handicrafts.  If you are planning to camp out, do remember your mosquito repellent.

Keep all these things in mind and go enjoy your trip.

Cape Town – A Unique Destination

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Cape Town has a grand Table Mountain setting. This geographical feature of the city makes Cape Town a beautiful city. A pleasant combination of architectural features with nature is found here. This scenic beauty depicts the taste of the city’s former rulers as well as the present governors. The newly built high-rise offices and old Victorian and Edwardian buildings both have been conserved with much care. Several wonderful exemplary works of Cape Dutch creations can be found in Cape Town. Narrow streets paved with cobble stones is a basic identity of Cape Town.

The places for shopping in Cape Town are endless. Stylish malls like the Victoria Wharf, traditional shops, handicraft markets, art galleries and flea markets abound. Expertise boutiques present an alluring array of atypical items not easily found elsewhere. Lovers of food and superior wines are also attracted to this city because of the nice food and wine it provides.

How to Get Cheap Flights to South Africa

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South Africa is a very important destination for several reasons. The land attracts tourists from all parts of the world every single year. The land is very well connected by all three forms. Every single day, the airport welcomes numerous visitors to the magical land of South Africa. However, there are certain methods to get cheap flights to South Africa.

The virtual world of internet is filled with information in this regard. There are several websites which has several offers of cheap flight tickets. A very good way of getting cheap tickets is by booking the tickets as early as possible. It is important for every single individual to plan their tour early. This makes the entire picture look much more organised. It is a great way to get hold of cheap air tickets. The tourists must use the information from the internet in this regard as well. Excellent guidelines are provided in this regard.