Top 5 Places To Visit In India

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Visit In IndiaHave you already packed your bags and booked your tickets for a grand trip to India? Well, before you step out you must remember that doing some simple homework about visiting the best hotspots of the country will not only make you trip special but it will also make your every penny worth of it. Unplanned and haphazard ventures in unknown places will only make your money go waste without enjoying the real Indian ecstasies.

Taj Mahal: It needs no introduction, but Taj Mahal, the famous monument made by the Moughal king Shah Jahan in the memory of his loving wife Mumtaz is the most visited and popular spot in India. Not only that Taj is enlisted in the seven wonders of the world, but if you are the worshiper of aesthetic side of any great architectural site or lover of history, then visiting Taj should be your must do after landing in India.

Jodhpur Palace: Here comes the essence of royal tourism in India. If you want to spend a couple of days of stay in India, then visiting Jodhpur Palace in Rajasthan could be a great option. King style living with beautiful surroundings consisting greenery, fountains, gorgeous palatial suite- all will welcome you at the palace. In the heart of Rajasthan, you can visit the famous Indian desert Thar or take trip of the city riding on a camel’s back. For wedding, family union, Jodhpur Palace is famous especially among the westerners.

Goa: Fun, food and festivities, if Goa is asked to be described in three or four words, these should be the introduction. Clean beaches with white sand, fresh air, series of coconut trees and exotic sea food are what your weaknesses are, then don’t wait any longer, go Goa, once you land in India.

Kashmir: If you want to view the picturesque beauty of the country, then visiting Kashmir should be your ideal choice. Spending lazy hours in boathouses that pass through the snow White Mountains surrounding the Dal Lake or collecting redwood furniture or statues are another choices that foreign tourists often fulfill after coming to India.

Bengal: Last but not the least, if you want to enjoy the lively spirit of the country, the visiting Bengal should be your goal. Right from visiting the Sunderbans and having a tete-a-tete with the Royal Bengal Tiger and crocodile, or visiting the green mountains of Kanchenjanga in Darjeeling, Bengal has it all to fulfill all your desires.

So, don’t wait anymore and head for the most memorable trip of your life. With lots colors, vibes and warmth, the people of India are ready to be your perfect host during your entire trip.

Trip to Kerala backwaters

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Trip to Kerala backwatersKerala, the mesmerizing tourist destination in South India will give you exciting opportunities to experience the rustic beauty of the state, moving on the ethnic houseboats which are called Kettuvalam. The backwaters of Kerala have plenty of natural beauty consisting of marshy estuaries, pristine lakes and exotic waterways that form an interconnected network along the Kerala coast.

Nature has been extremely kind on Kerala and has made it one of the most beautiful locations in India. The scintillating backwaters sparkle like gold on the face of the state. These backwaters have played a major role in boosting the tourism of Kerala and hence helping the national income of India. Kerala backwaters are the greatest tourist attractions in the state because of their incredible beauty and tranquillity.

Below are few of the famous backwater destinations in the beautiful state of Kerala.

Kumarakom: The Kumarakom backwater tour will take you to the agricultural sites and paddy fields full of coconut trees and fishing villages. This tour will also take you to the Kumarakom bird sanctuary famous for its diverse wildlife.
Alleppey: Backwater tour of Kerala will take you to Alleppey, well known for its coir products, fish, lakes, and boat races. Its look is enhanced by the canals and beautiful waterways. It is called the ‘Venice of the East’.
Mararikulam: Backwater trips in a traditional boat along Mararikulum make you witness the ancient villages which enjoy the gorgeous sea side location with never ending rows of coconut trees.
Kozhikode: Kozhikode backwaters will take you through waterways that are not often explored by the tourists. You will sail through the immaculate Canoli and Kallai river, which is sure to make your trip memorable.
Cochin: Cochin is called ‘The queen of backwaters’ and is the most preferred out of all the backwater destinations. You will sail through the Vyppin, Gundu, Bolgatty, and Vallarpadam island and will also witness the Chinese fishing nets, originated from the traders who used to settle there.

Kuala Lumpur – Best city for shoppers

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Kuala Lumpur is one of the most favorite destinations in the whole world when it comes to shopping. There are about 66 shopping malls of large scale in this city. It is the hub of style and fashion in the country. Therefore, you will get an endless list of high fashion items in the shopping areas of this part of the world. There are some great shopping malls that are fully air conditioned with hypermarket, department stores.

High end luxury goods, shopping arcades along with bowling alleys, Cineplex complexes, designer fashion boutiques, specialty shops and many more. The place also has the traditional bazaars, open air flea markets, night markets and many more interesting experiences. Some of the favorite items in the list of the shoppers is duty free items, batik, handicraft, sportswear, prêt a porter, electrical products and pewter. Therefore, if you are looking for a fantastic shopping experience, Kuala Lumpur is your place.

Exploring the dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur

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Travel Kuala Lumpur, travel destinationAre you planning to head towards the grand city in Kuala Lumpur? Well then check this article and know about the hottest tourists attractions in this city. Visiting the PETRONAS tower should be your first and foremost goal after reaching Kuala Lumpur. It is the main building of Malaysia’s gas and Oil Company and this 88 storied building has its own charm. Visiting the Menara KL should also be included in your tour plan in Kuala Lumpur as this is the fifth tallest building in the world.

For authentic Chinese culture, food, marketing you can visit the china town which will give you a taste of multi ethnicity and if you are interested in knowing about the religious culture of Malaysia then you can visit the Batu caves which are located above 272 steps from the ground. Various Hindu idols and sculptures can be found here. Thean Hou temple is also a very sacred place in this city.

Why is Malaysia known to be “Truly Asia”

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Visit Malaysia, MalaysiaOne of the most beautiful places in Asia is the island country of Malaysia. It is one of the most famous tourist locations in this part of the world and is visited by hoards of people every year. Tourists come from across the world to immerse in the spirit of this country and to take in the tropical summer weather. There are a lot of attractions for all kinds of tourists that come here and no one is ever feeling the lack of things to do.

From the pristine beaches to the green tropical forest, from the beautiful blue oceans to the high mountains one can find a lot of stuff in this country. They can provide one with the quintessential Asia experience and that is why they stand up to the name of Truly Asia. So the next time you are planning for a vacation, you know where to land up.

Shanghai and its tourist delights

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Shanghai is one of the most demanded and most colorful destinations where you will find some of the amazing sights and scenes. It is a heaven for shopaholics as shanghai provides you a large number of markets where you will get everything…you just name it and they will have it. Shanghai is the perfect blend of modernity and traditional aspects attached to it such as it has high rising building and great shopping malls and destinations as at the time it has beautiful gardens along with signs of its cultural heritage and quite river bank. If you love bright and vibrant atmosphere then the Bund is Shanghai is a must for you as it is brightly colored with multicolored lights and musicians play at night making the atmosphere a joyful occasion. Also Nanjing road which is an extremely popular shopping place in China is a must for people who adores shopping and to see the traditional side of Shanghai a visit to the jade Buddha temple which falls under the series of the most ancient of Buddhist monasteries in China is a ‘must have’.

Discovering the land of the rising sun

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The land of rising sun is none other than Japan itself. This country is known for its belligerent martial arts like Karate and its mesmerizing sushi that guarantees to flatter you with awe. The place is filled stereotypes like Mt. Fuji and the art of origami, but it’s a lot more than that which can only be found out by visiting the place. There are so many things happening there which you probably would have never even heard of.

The country also loves its baseball like the US. And in the months of April and May, you’ll see amazing floral blossoms that are prevalent only in that part of the world. If you’re a skiing fan, then you’ll find the Japanese snow studded mountains the finest for this sport. Visit Tokyo to see if it can match to the brightness of the New York City during the nights.

5 best places to travel in Asia

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When it comes to vacation, often people have found it hard to decide where to go. Especially, when you are in Europe and the USA, Asia seem to be a distant land and out of reach. However, one should be open to travel within Asia as there are several places to visit. Shopping, beaches, historical attractions, modern infrastructure, spices and so much can be experienced in Asia, which often one cannot find in the west.

One of the best places to visit would be Bali, Indonesia for its beaches and at the same time its historic preservations. The small island is filled with heritage and sightseeing spots. One should not forget Singapore for its amazing beaches again and the modernization it has gone through. Hong Kong can be amazing for gadget shopping and apparels plus Chinese delicacies.

Lastly, Maldives and Mauritius figure on the list as the most attractive islands in the whole of Asia.

4 best paragliding destinations in India

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Exhausted of your monotonous routine lifestyle? Are you thinking of going on an adventurous getaway which will freshen you up? If so, India, with its fantastic and breathtaking paragliding destination is just what you need. An experience in itself paragliding offers you the adrenaline rush and the opportunity to fly without wings. So go ahead and experience the wind in your face and the view you’ll never forget in India.

Billing is the first name that should come to your mind if you are looking forward to an amazing paragliding adventure in India. This small town in Himachal Pradesh with its breathtaking spots is just perfect for this adventure sport. The next destination which aces in providing paragliding pleasures is Manali. The Kullu Valley situated in Manali provides the perfect landscape and view for a memorable paragliding getaway.

The Nandi Hills situated in the Kolar District near Bangalore is the third destination which is the centre of quite a few aero sports in India. Bedni Bugyal in the regions of Kumaon is quite perfect to fly the skies and feel the rush while you enjoy the awe-inspiring visual appeal.

Chinese Tourist Visa Applications in Australia

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Visa is required for visiting China. In Australia, application for the visa must be submitted. For obtaining the visa the some procedures are required to be followed. Submission of a visa application form is necessary. A recent passport size photograph is also required. Different fee structures are there for getting a visa of China. For passport holders of Australia fee required is $40 for a single person. For passport holders of nations other than Australia the required amount is $50 for a person. The passport must be valid for minimum of 6 months from before the date of traveling.

If you apply through Chinese Visa Application Center a fee of $38.5 will be charged in addition. The process for visa application takes about 4 to 5 days approximately. Application can be done at the Chinese Embassy at Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or Perth. It is required to submit the necessary documents at the Chinese Embassy.