Big Island of Hawaii and It’s Places to Visit

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Heard a lot about Hawaii? Stop hearing and now have a visit and experience all that you have heard. The best possible to take all the pleasures f Hawaii is to have a road trip and drive around the island. You got a lot to see in the big island of Hawaii. You get to see lava desert, green lash jungles, sacred beaches, cool highlands and spectacular views of soaring mountains. You will also feel the sensation of mysterious Polynesian who shifted in the big island of Hawaii before thousands of years ago. Here are some places to have a look at when you visit Hawaii.

Kailua Kona

Kailua Kona is a place where American missionaries started the first Christian church in Hawaii in the year 1820. The mokuaikaua church which completed its sanctuary and is still stands in a good position. It was rebuilt in 1837 with coral and lava rocks and thus it is very unique. Just across the street there is a there is a two story palm shaded Hulihee palace which is now converted into a museum. The special thing to see in the museum is the koa wood chair which is designed specially to fit in Princess Ruth who was six feet tall and weighted over 400 pounds.

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay is a place from which you can witness a monument from where the British explorer James Cook was led to his death by his own natives in the year 1779. This incident took place just a year after he and his crew became the first and foremost Europeans to set foot on the sandwich islands.

Hawaii volcanoes national park

Volcanoes of Hawaii are very famous. Visiting Hawaii and getting back without seeing it is missing a big opportunity. It consists the most active volcano in the whole world. To watch the view of the hot lava mixing up in the cool ocean is just splendid. Once seen you won’t be able to forget it. Be safe and careful while watching the lava flows in the park. You can also try out ranger led hike.


There is a small village of honomu which is very famous for its funky false front business. Don’t forget to visit the antique bottle shop. It is visited mostly by the people because it comes in the way to Akaka falls state park which is 442 foot high and a great view to watch. It is also more beautiful for its lush green forests in the surrounding area.


You have to leave the main highway again to reach the deserted waipio valley. Waipio valley is 850 feet below. It is one of the foremost panoramas in the whole state. You are allowed to visit it only with the four wheeler vehicle to drive down the steep road to the valley floor and its marvelous black sand beaches.

Pukohola Heiau

Take some knowledge of history by stopping at the pukohola heiau to watch out its windswept ruins.  This island was conquest by king kamehameha in the year 1791.





Holidaying in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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Andaman & Nicobar Islands, island holidaysIf you are a beach lover and wish to get fascinated by the beauty of Nature, a holidaying trip at Andaman and Nicobar Islands is just perfect for you. These small coral islands located in India are a home to some amazing wildlife and aquatic life. The scenic beauty, captivating landscape and beaches will cast a spell on you. You can indulge in numerous water sports to have a light moment with family and friends.

If you are a Nature admirer, a camping trip to study nature will be a good option. But, the best part is the sea diving which will take you to the world of aquatic animals and coral reefs. Professional divers will accompany you to the fabulous world deep under the blue sea waters. The culture of the islands is very different from India which makes the place more attractive. You can dig on some amazing spicy sea food coupled with Indian dishes.

Featured attractions of Hawaii islands

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Hawai Islands are one of the places to visit in your lifetime. A local saying goes like this, “there’s no other place like Hawaii”. The island group consists of six major islands, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the Hawaii Island itself. The main island can be reached by air and by ship from the western seaboard of the USA.

Here are some of the featured attractions of the island group:

• Kauai island is called the garden isle. This island hosts the outdoor activities such as kayaking in Wailua river, hiking in the Kokee state park, and snorkeling on the beach of Poipu.
• Waikiki, Oahu, hosts the attractions such as Pearl Harbor, Lolani Palace and the Hanauma Bay.
• Hawaii islands provide great natural wonders. Visit the world’s most active volcano Kilauea, and the world’s tallest sea mountain Maunaloa.
• Don’t miss the lush rainforests, Snow Mountains and black rock volcanic deserts of Hawaii.

Exploring the best of Bahamas

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Travel Bahamas, destinationsBahamas is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Each year, the area is filled with tourists all over the world. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go in this part of the world. One of the best places in Bahamas is the Abacos. This place is also called the Sailing Capital of the World. There are a number of charming islands that surround a very calm sea.

There are a couple of golf courses, colonial towns and long stellar beaches. The place is great for diving and fishing. The food is amazing as well. The Crooked Island is also a very nice place to go in Bahamas. Another great destination in this part of the world is the Andros. The natural attraction of this place is simply marvelous. The next name that comes in the list of the exotic destinations in Bahamas is the Berry islands.

Sanibel island: witness exoticness come alive

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Sanibel island, island destinationThe Sanibel Island in Florida is a wonderful place to explore amidst an exotic natural environ. The Sanibel people are deeply concerned regarding the effective preservation of natural resources and thus around 1/3rd of the place is dedicated to wildlife preserve.

The entire area is widely covered with vast stretch of green spaces and beautiful foliages. The seashores are covered with seashells in opulence and the absence of excessive condominiums and high-rises around offers a pristine natural beauty. Actually it’s the island’s location off coast that makes it the suitable place for the sea shells to flow off to the Sanibel shore. Collecting seashells is the most usual pastimes of the tourists hitting the beach.
Adding to the beautiful seashells, the Sanibel beach feels beautifully natural with so many trees, flowers, plants and birds chirping sweetly all the time. The beach often hosts sand-castle contest where you’ll get a rare chance to witness magnificent sand structures.

Bahamas: At Its Wildest Best Under The Moon

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Travel Bahamas, BahamasThe Bahamas are very beautiful a place. If you look at the islands from a God’s eye point of view, you will be able to see the chain of the islands and imagine them as a garland. The atmosphere of the Bahamas is very welcoming and garlands are also a very integral part of their culture that signifies hospitality. The beautiful people of these islands are actually made beautiful by the beauty of the nature in the area.

There are hundreds of big and small islands in the Bahamas and each one of them are unique in their own way. While it absolutely fantastic a feel to spend a day on the sunny beaches of the Bahamas, you will be thrilled by the surreal atmosphere that is created when it is the night time. the beautiful ocean and the fine sand will be no less than a dream sequence of a movie under the full moon and you will wish that your time would stop right there.

Itinerary for your Hawaiian getaway

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Hawaiian getawayA Hawaiian gateway is what almost everyone dreams of and you are obviously no different. However, with the Hawaiian Islands having so much to offer, it actually becomes difficult to decide on what you should do during your seven days stay. Here is something that might help you.

If you are in Kauai, Hawaii’s oldest island on the first day you should arrive and spend some time on the beach. On the second day you must tour the north shore and on the third day book a helicopter tour that will let you see Kauai from a bird’s eye view. On the fourth day you must go hiking to the Waimea Canyon and the Kokee State Park. Since Kauai has some of the best beaches in the world, the fifth day should be reserved for spending time on the beach. If it rains on the sixth day, enjoy the rains and if it doesn’t arrange a Hawaii movie tour. On the last day indulge in a relaxing spa.

Solomon Islands: have an adventure trip

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Are you an island person? Planning to take a break of your daily life and escape in midst of the nature in its purest form? If so, a vacation to the Solomon Islands can be a fine way to quench your thirst of experiencing nature in its most magnificent form. And the add on to the whole package is its generous dosage of adventure, which the island provides.

With beautiful beaches to emerald green wild life, this south Pacific adventure has it all in itself to be a perfect destination for a fantastic getaway. Have a fetish for the underwater life? The Solomon Islands provides you the best snorkeling destinations. The Utupu Islands in Solomon is another spot which deserves a visit. With its breathtaking lagoon and a picturesque barrier reef you cam behold the native as they live their day to day life.

The Santa Ana Islands is also a must visit place if you want to wish first hand experience of how the native live their daily life. Also it is a fine snorkeling destination. The Savo Island, the Nggela Island, and the Morovo Lagoon are also few destinations which you must visit when in Solomon Islands.

5 must do things when in New Zealand

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Located next to Australia, New Zealand has quite a reputation of housing some of the best natural beauties in the world. Considering the number of sites that are there to be visited in New Zealand, it becomes very difficult to pick out and decide as to which places to visit and which places to miss out. Let us glance through some of the places here in New Zealand that absolutely cannot be missed out.

The water is at its best here in New Zealand, be it in the form of the ocean, lake or glacier. While you’re here you just cannot afford to miss out on the Fox Glacier. Lying on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand, this place is absolutely breathtaking. You can get involved in all kinds of ice activities like skiing and the like. Lying very close to this glacier is an absolutely beautiful lake the Lake Matheson. The way the lake reflects the peaks of New Zealand is absolutely awesome. Rotarua is another site that provides quite a treat to the eye and a number of hot springs and geysers. You must visit the health spa here. While you are here you should visit the Waitomo Caves. You should not miss the Lord of the Ring Tour while you are here in New Zealand.   

Head to Ibiza Island For a Great Weekend

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The Ibiza Island is one of the most important tourist destinations. The land is a very beautiful piece of land which has a very romantic atmosphere surrounding it. The island is an ideal place to spend a weekend. The land acts as an energiser in several ways. The positive feel of the land cannot be expressed with mere words. The land is designed in an excellent fashion. The local authorities have realised that, tourism is extremely important to this land.

This has forced the authorities to enhance the infrastructure supporting tourism. The safety and the security of the tourists are considered as the top most priority. These features have made the land a very prized destination for people from all parts of the world. The land is a perfect place to spend a weekend. The land has all the amenities that are required to make the land special and different.