Chicago Travel Guide

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Chicago pulls volumes if tourists every year with its wealth of attractions. If you too are planning for a great holiday in Chicago, follow the post below as its all about the must visit attractions here.

You will surely love the Shedd Aquarium here which hosts more than 25,000 mammals and fish like white-sided dolphins from Pacific, beluga whales or seals. The aquarium also hosts different shows, interactive exhibitions and 4D movie screenings. Then you have the amazing Wills Tower which is the world’s tallest freestanding building. It’s over 1,400 ft. tall.

You cannot miss out on the Hancock Center, especially if you travelling with your family. The Hancock Center is stuffed with restaurants, shops, Hancock observatory etc., all of which you might want for a great day out with the family. The Chicago Art Institute is another major attraction here with its spectacular collection of American and African art displays.

One of world famous bridge, Golden Gate

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The Golden gate bridge is situated across the San Francisco strait. The bridge spans around 2 kilometers from San Francisco in the south and Marin County on the north. This bridge is one of internationally recognized symbol of the USA. The bridge was erected in the year 1937. It is one of the longest and oldest suspension bridges in the world. This bridge is popular among the tourists and bicyclists. There are 2 walkways for the walking tourists to get a breathtaking view from the bridge. During the night with the lights the view is wonderful, and sometimes the bridge is covered with thick fog, this makes the bridge disappear.

There are some great destinations nearby this bridge, one of which is the well known historic prison in the USA that is the Alcatraz. In yesteryears, it was one of the biggest security prisons in the country.

A wintery Alabama

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A winter vacation in Alabama is a sure rush for any enthusiastic tourist here. Alabama greets its winter travelers with a range of beautiful winter state parks and the Gulf shores beaches are the best to shift you away from the old man winter blues. The post here presents a short glimpse on some winter fun in Alabama.

Alabama hosts a number of magnificent winter state parks like Cheaha Park, Lake Guntersville State Park and Gulf State park. These State Parks feature outstanding panoramic view with many exciting sporting opportunities. The tourists here get to participate in hiking, boating, swimming, fishing and many other adventurous aqua sports. Besides, the Lake Guntersville Park enables the winter visitors to watch he rare American Bald Eagle.

You will also love the sunny beaches of the Gulf Shores in winter and enjoy the exciting water sports here kike deep-sea fishing, beach cruises, parasailing etc.

Backpacking in America

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Travel America, travel tipsAre you planning for a backpacking trip to America? Well, America is a fantastic place for the backpackers and here are some suggestions on the popular backpacking routes in the continent.
You can go for Mount Whitney route in California’s Lone Pine region and is a favorite for the chilled weather backpacking patrons. It’s an 11 mile long hike to 14,505 ft. high summit to Mount Whitney covered with ice & snow. You can also go for backpacking in the Montana region along Black Canyon in the Rockies. It’s a moderate hike along Yellowstone River and is popular for the mesmerizing scenery and great wildlife abundance all through the way. The Montana trail is great for the summer months.

Kalalau trail in Hawaii is another famous backpacking destination in America. The trail sweeps through spectacular Hawaiian valleys and offers for one of the most memorable backpacking experience for the tourists.

Visiting Key West

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Travel Key West, FloridaIf you are planning to go on a trip, then one of the best places to visit is Key West, located in the west of Florida. It is a beautiful island with promises of great memories and experience, just waiting to be discovered. This place has been a popular tourist hotspot for several decades. The beautiful and calm seas and the warm sandy beaches can be the perfect retreat for you.

You can take a stroll along the streets of Key West and enjoy yourself. You won’t even have to take a taxi from one destination to another. The people are very helpful and friendly and the weather always compliments the beauty and feel of the place. You can even go scuba diving in Key West. There are professionals who can train and guide you to experience the ultimate underwater thrill. Key West is also popular for its amazing cuisine and local delicacies. Do not miss out on that while you’re there.

Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont: A Unique Yet Splendid Vacation Destination

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Travel Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont, USAIf you are planning a vacation for you and your family that would be fun and full of activities, the Smuggler’s notch in Vermont in the United States of America could be the perfect place for you. The resort is a wonderful place with a very friendly and warm atmosphere. There are a lot of things to do and places to see on the Smuggler’s Notch of Vermont. The facilities of lodging in this area are simply flawless.

You can enjoy all day long in the water parks of the real estate. There are a number of fun filled activities and programs for your children to enjoy in the Smuggler’s notch in Vermont. The food is exceptionally good in this area. There are a number of quality eateries all over the resort. The place is maintained and the natural beauty is unharmed. Your vacation can be made really memorable with this trip to the Smuggler’s notch, Vermont.

Disneyland, Florida: The place to visit with your family

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The magical place of Disney Land is one the best options when you’re planning for a family vacation with your little kids. The fantastic creation by Walt Disney is a wonderful kaleidoscope with its 4 varied theme parks such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Disney-MGM Studios.

Magic Kingdom houses the legendary Cinderella Castle and is the most popular theme park with its classic rides like “Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin”, “Magic Carpets of Aladdin”, “Peter Pan’s Flight” etc. The second most popular attraction is the Epcot celebrating the technical innovations and international culture. The famous attractions here are “Spaceship Earth”, The Seas with Nemo and Friends” etc.

The Animal Kingdom is the biggest theme park of the world with enthralling entertainments like Kilimanjaro Safaris and beautiful musicals like Finding Nemo and Festival of the Lion King. Lastly, take your kids to the MGM Studious for “The Great Movie Ride” through the scenes from iconic world movies like Rock “n” Roll, Indiana Jones and many more. .

Go live life king size at Vegas

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Vegas is a very happening city full of amazing events. Gambling is one of them. One of the recommended gambling destinations on the Strip is the “Sahara”. It is one of the oldest and you will get cheaper tables here. Play Max Bet, if you are playing for slots.

The place is famous for plush hotels to ensure a grand living. The Trump International offers you a suite with an entire kitchen. The washroom was as big as a regular hotel room. The city presents amazing shows like the acrobat performances at the Tropicana, the Lions Exhibit at the MGM, the fountain show at the Bellagio and many more.

You will get awesome food in a cheap rate in Ellis Island and Lucky 7’s in the Hard Rock Hotel. Go to Nobu or Kobe Beef Tenderloin for exotic cuisines. Do not miss the nightlife of Vegas. Some of the recommended clubs are Surrender At Encore and Tao at Venetian. They are some of the great places to booze, dance and party.

General Information on Boston Art Gallery

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Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is also known as Boston Art Gallery the museum was created in 1870, and is one of the largest art museums in the United States of America. It has a collection of almost five lakh art works. The museum in fact exhibits some really antic and valuable pieces of art. For example, it displays ancient Egyptian artifacts including sarcophagi, jewelry, and sculptures. It has taken over some of the most remarkable pictures of the French impressionists and post-impressionist artists.

Most notable amongst them Paul Gauguin’s picture tilted ‘Where do we come from? Where are we? Where are we going?’ One can also see important documents related to ancient Chinese civilization. One can find art works pertaining to every culture in this museum, starting from Asian to European. The museum believes in using technology for the benefit of interested viewers and therefore maintains one of the largest online art-catalogues of the world.


Atlanta Georgia Aquarium

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Atlanta Georgia Aquarium situated at Atlanta, Georgia, USA is the world’s largest aquarium. It houses about one lakh animals of over 500 different species. The aquarium was created and is funded by an unbelievable donation of 250 million dollar by Home Depot. The legendary animals of this aquarium were 4 whale sharks which were called Trixie, Alice, Ralph, and Norton.

It is notable that this is the only aquarium outside of Asia to house a whale shark. Another important animal of this aquarium is the Great Hammerhead shark. Atlanta Georgia aquarium is one of the two aquariums in the United States of America which houses this kind of shark. The authority looking after the aquarium believes in displaying as much variation of marine life as possible. This desire made them acquire a manta ray. But these are just a few of the rare species which this immense aquarium displays. Watching marine life through the glasses of the aquarium is a real treat to any eye.