Hawaiian Islands & Helicopter Rides

Do you want to take your family for a holiday next week? Well, if you do want to, then it’s time to surprise your family by arranging a fun filled vacation in the Hawaiian Islands. The magical islands of Hawaii are exotic to say the least, in fact the rustic attraction and the unspoiled beauty of this island is kind of inexplicable. People who think that the Hawaiian Islands are only about beaches and water activities are greatly mistaken. The islands have a lot more to offer and each of your family members will find something to hold his or her interest throughout the vacation.

tour hawaii by helicopterHawaiian Islands are more like a marine wonderland and getting involved with the sea life is something that you must definitely do when you are vacationing in the islands. Located directly across the Rabbit Island and the Makapu‘u Beach, the Sea Life Park manifests sea life at its very best. The chief attraction at this park is the marine mammal show which has enthralled thousands of visitors for years. You can watch sea lions, dolphins and the world’s only Wholphin which is a hybrid between a false killer whale and the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. You can also enjoy interactive sessions with these mammals.

Getting a glimpse of the coastal view from the eastern side of the Hawaiian Islands is something that you definitely must do. You can enjoy a bike ride along the Coconut Coast which it is beyond amazing. Bikes and trailers are available on rent for kids as well. So this is an activity you can include all your family members in. Though not many people are aware of it, horse riding happens to be one of the major attractions of the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island’s diverse terrain, various cattle ranches and the many vistas offer wonderful locations for horse riding.

Many tourists enjoy the aerial view of the Hawaiian Islands when they are vacationing. You can do the same; it is a lot of fun indeed. You can get in touch with a Hawaiian Island helicopter company and arrange for an air tour. The air tour will help you to experience the romantic essence of old Hawaii. The air tours usually fly over the Aloha Tower and the Honolulu Harbor and pass offshore off the Waikiki Beach. This will give you the opportunity to view the Diamond Head Crate, the Koko Head Crater volcanic landscape, cliffs of Makapuu Point and the Hanauma Bay. You can find more about the helicopters rides with the blue hawaiian helicopter company too