Top 3 Luxury Cruise Travel In The World

August 07, 2014  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Cruise Outings

Luxury CruiseFor a very long time vacationing on the cruise was only for the rich and mighty but with the changing times and the changing face of global economy, a lot of people can now afford to be extravagant once in a while and enjoy a cruise travel. Cruising is, definitely, one of the most extravagant ways of traveling and just because you are in the middle of the ocean does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself. In fact, if you toss cost to the wind, you can actually book an ultra luxury cruise line and undoubtedly have one of the best vacations of your life.

If you want to know about the top luxury cruise travels in the world, read on.

Topping the charts will be the Seabourn Cruise Line which is widely regarded as the finest cruise line. Seabourn Cruise consists of several small high end vessels which are just apt for cultured and seasoned travelers. The size of the ships which feature in the Seabourn Cruise vary from 104 to 223 all suit cabins and the travel plan is inclusive of airfare and award winning gourmet meals and drinks. It is also inclusive of the onboard enrichment lectures which offer a wonderful insight to your cruise vacation. Since the sizes of the ships are small, Seabourn Cruise Line usually travels to small yet exotic locales like Argentina, Chile, Mumbai, Thailand and Phuket. The all inclusive trips of Seabourn Cruise Line are also known for brilliant perks like on deck massages, wine tasting sessions, a bevy of water sports and the ‘Caviar on the Beach’ beach party, a party with a difference.

Another extremely luxurious cruise travel is the Silversea Cruise. Silversea Cruise is regarded by many as an ultra sophisticated cruise line. Silversea Cruise is known for offering personalized cruising options wherein the perks included in the package can be personalized and customized according to the need of the travelers. In the customized packages, the guests can include airfare, pre cruise deluxe lodging, transfer and porterage among other things. This cruise also offers concierge and butler services and the guests can participate in a plethora of activities including culinary and dance lessons which fall under the cultural appreciation class related to the port of the ship. The size of the ships of Silversea Cruise is generally small and they can hold only up to a few hundred passengers. The cruise travels to exotic locations like Denmark and South Africa. The perks offered by this cruise line include unique excursions like watching a performance at the Sydney opera house or a riverboat visit to the orangutan sanctuary in Borneo.

The SeaDream Yacht Club is considered one of the most uber-luxe cruise lines in the world and they have 2 mega yachts which can hold 112 people each. There are 95 staff members on board to take care of the needs of the passengers. The cruise travel includes gourmet meals, open bars, ocean view staterooms, tai chi and yoga classes, onboard casino etc.

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